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Introducing MarketerHire for Agencies

January 10, 2022
August 31, 2021
Chris Toy

We're launching a new solution: MarketerHire for Agencies. Our CEO, Chris Toy, explains its origin story, why we're launching it now and how it's going to transform agency staffing.

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When I was running my own agency almost a decade ago, I had a core problem every agency owner is familiar with: staffing volatility.

Every time we won a client, we were forced to staff up quickly. Then when we inevitably lost a client, we were left with a tough choice — staff down or maintain an expensive, under-utilized team. 

As a result of this volatility, we often turned down potential clients.  There had to be a better way.

So in 2019, I co-founded MarketerHire. Today, it's the leading on-demand marketing talent platform for thousands of companies. Our customers include early-stage startups, SMBs, tech unicorns and Fortune 500 brands.

Yet we haven’t done a whole lot to service a core part of the marketing ecosystem — marketing agencies. 

Today, as I think back to the challenges I had as an agency owner and that agency owners across the world continue to face, all that is changing. We’re happy to officially announce our new solution: MarketerHire for Agencies.   

An overview of MarketerHire for Agencies

The purpose of MarketerHire for Agencies is to solve staffing volatility. Our agency partners can now use MarketerHire to work with the best freelancers, scaling up or down on demand. 

MarketerHire for Agencies is premised on our core product strengths:  vetted marketing talent, flexible hiring and our backend matching technology. 

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Staff accounts immediately: Unlock new customers with expert marketers ready to work quickly.
  • Scale teams up or down: Grow flexible teams and individuals to fit your agency needs and timelines.
  • Backfill marketing experts, ASAP: Leverage MarketerHire as your fool-proof contingency plan for key clients. 
  • Collaborate with your dedicated account manager: Work directly with us on the nuances of your agency operations, projected headcount, and more.

For the last few months, we’ve been running a beta version of MarketerHire for Agencies to huge success. In fact, one major global agency was so blown away by our platform that they are already using MarketerHire to staff hundreds more. Another uses MarketerHire for 10% of their workforce.

Why we’re launching now

The market for hiring continues to become more competitive. Marketers are quitting their full-time jobs en masse, and agencies are struggling to recruit qualified talent. 

Meanwhile, demand for marketing services is skyrocketing and will continue as customers across the world look for ways to be found online.  

As a result, many agencies have so much new business that require headcount they simply do not have and can’t spend months recruiting.

How we solve agency headcount problems — for good

MarketerHire’s vetted, on-demand marketing talent can start work for an agency within days. Our experienced freelance marketers are easy to hire with minimal effort, often requiring just a short interview. 

(Compare that to the 30+ hours of interviewing it can take to hire through a staffing agency!)

They can also hit the ground running and scale their hours up and down as needed. And when clients inevitably churn, agencies can just end their engagements. No fees, no hard feelings. 

The future of hiring marketing talent

MarketerHire’s mission has always been to make great marketing accessible to all. The release of MarketerHire for Agencies moves us one step closer to our goal.

MarketerHire is already the leading talent cloud for customers of all sizes. In five years, we see every marketing organization turning to MarketerHire for its talent needs just as businesses turn to AWS for their server needs.

The agency of the future will be three full-time employees and 50 MarketerHire marketers

Don’t just take my word for it. Try MarketerHire for Agencies and see the future of hiring for yourself.

Chris Toy
about the author

Chris Toy is the CEO and co-founder of MarketerHire. He's spent the past 20 years as a leader and entrepreneur in marketing, media and tech. He’s worked with Fortune 500 and unicorn startups.

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