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Preeti grew Glassdoor’s total email traffic by 35% and increased engagement by over 70% by optimizing their top triggered campaigns.
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Mitch guided Warby Parker's email and performance marketing campaigns, leading to a 32% in-quarter revenue uplift.
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Chris worked with ShopDisney.com to refresh their legacy email and push notification marketing strategy. He increased revenue per email 45% and implemented a new triggered campaign that drove a 15% increase in incremental revenue. 
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Types of skills social media managers

Email marketing has become a loyalty cheat code.

Like all marketing channels over the last decade, email marketing has become more complex. Personalized emails are table stakes now. CRMs require deep segmentation and workflow analysis. Then, of course, there’s list hygiene and email deliverability. 

This is all on top of rapidly changing global data privacy policies, a growing SMS marketing industry, and an increase in the value of an owned and engaged email marketing list. This is not a marketing area to ignore.

Below, we’ve gathered additional information to help you and your team understand this discipline as holistically as possible.

When social media and content marketing were having their moment a few years ago, people started saying that email was dead. They couldn’t have been more wrong. 

Even with the development of multi-channel marketing, email is still one of the most effective ways to engage with prospects and customers. With email marketing, you can build 1:1 relationships with leads, nurture them further into your funnel, tell your brand story and build emotional connections that ultimately help persuade someone to buy your product or service. 

That’s why every successful company has their own email list because growing your addressable audience (i.e. your subscribers) builds your brand. This brand building strategy is what Web Smith, the analyst behind 2PM, calls “linear commerce.”

The law of linear commerce states that the most efficient way to grow a business (media, e-commerce, tech or otherwise) is to build an engaged audience and maximize conversion. To do so, Web Smith suggests all companies will become more like publishers, working to educate and engage their audiences as they move away from a dependence on paid digital. 

“Audience-driven businesses have figured out how to monetize their visitors by providing value that captures attention. The alternative is paying the audience to show up at your party – a cost that is rising by the year,” writes Smith. 

This move toward linear commerce is why email marketing continues to be a crucial aspect of any marketing organization. Email marketing builds loyalty, and over time, it can turn casual openers into brand evangelists. 

Why is it so powerful? It’s the best way to consistently keep in touch with your customer base.

Whether you want to let your email subscribers know about a new product, event, or promotion, or if you simply nurture your relationship with valuable content, it’s a great way to let your customers know what’s going on in your business.

The trouble is that finding the right email marketing expert can be tricky. The right hire will depend on your goals, industry, the stage of your business, and the email marketing software you’re currently using. 

Every company needs a different email marketing strategy, and every company has different non-negotiables when it comes to an email marketer. Luckily, that’s where MarketerHire comes in. As veteran marketers ourselves, we vet for the latest and greatest skills before admitting a freelance email marketing expert to our network.

Email marketing has it all: reach, ROI, relevance and more.

Today, almost everyone has an email address. In fact, you can’t use many platforms without first providing and verifying your email address. It’s no surprise, then, that 92% of adults in the U.S. use email, and most of them check it every single day, according to a Pew Research study

This makes email a massive opportunity for businesses to reach their target market. By adding email to your marketing mix, you can improve your business’s reach, visibility, and build trust with your audience.

The best part? Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies out there.

Once you’ve invested in the right email marketing software and strategy for your business, you can automate it to work for you while you sleep. Other marketing strategies don’t typically work so well on autopilot, and require frequent upkeep to remain relevant. If done well, though, an email marketing strategy can run automatically for months, so you can focus on other important things in your business. 

It’s this email marketing automation, based on a predetermined strategy and messaging, that actually ensures your email marketing campaigns are delivered in a timely and effective way, improving your customer journey and eventually, your bottom line. 

Another reason email marketing works wonders: It allows for incredible personalization.

Email marketers can address subscribers by their first name with mail merge — but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. They can also segment your email marketing campaigns, sharing different pieces of information depending on subscribers’ demographic data and behavior, ensuring everyone receives highly relevant content.

The best part? Email marketing software also makes it easy to measure your email marketing efforts’ performance.

While other marketing channels might require you to sift through more data and piece it together to get the full picture, email marketers rely on metrics like click-through rate, deliverability rates, and unsubscribe rates — all available right in most ESPs, if you know where to look.

Don't settle for email marketers without all eight of these skills.

If you’re looking for someone to provide email marketing services for your business, you can’t just hire anyone with a bachelor’s degree. It’s important to hire someone with the right marketing experience.

There are certain skills every great email marketing expert has, and MarketerHire vets for all of them.

  • A/B testing skills: A/B testing your subject lines, email copy and CTAs is key to ensuring optimal click-through rates –– which typically correlate with conversion rates. This will also include testing various emails on mobile devices versus desktop, in dark mode, and in other email clients for optimization. In other words: A/B testing is key to sending effective emails every single time, and figuring out what your subscribers like and which technologies they use.
  • Copywriting chops: They’re not copywriters by trade, but email marketing experts should still know how to write effective copy — whether it’s for an email, a landing page, a signup form, or email image metadata they co-create with an SEO marketer.
  • List segmentation, automation and tool integration know-how: Segmenting your email lists and delivering targeted emails based on data — even if it sometimes has to be pulled in from marketing platforms beyond the ESP — is critical to creating a well-oiled nurture machine that converts. There are various types of email, after all, and knowing when to send a welcome email versus an autoresponder versus a transactional email is critical, which brings us to…
  • Drip campaign creation: Knowing what drip campaigns to create, what content to write to retain subscribers and the number of emails to send and to whom is really important for email marketers. If your campaigns are getting a bunch of unsubscribes each send, your customers aren’t seeing the value in your emails.That’s a big problem. Email is one of the most important touch-points for product launches, company announcements and more — but it only works if subscribers read it. 
  • Template editing & light coding: Freelance email marketing experts know that email designs are just as important as email copy. This means these experts often have light HTML and CSS experience so they can edit email templates in most email automation tools. Even though most email marketing platforms have drag-and-drop design tools, clean HTML renders better in the web browser, and being able to tweak it yourself, quickly, saves you money and time. 
  • Campaign strategy: The best email marketers can set up automations, but they can also think through what might make the most sense to send to a customer segment to lift a KPI. In some cases, that might be a months-long nurture stream; in other cases, it’s a single, friendly follow-up email. 
  • Contact list cleaning: Organizations often send too many emails to too many people. This leads to high bounce rates and, eventually, falling into the dreaded spam folder. Email deliverability problems can be hard for organizations to untangle, and email marketers know how to diagnose the root cause and get your brand back on track ASAP. Oh, and they’ll implement best practices within your organization to make sure email deliverability never becomes a problem again.
  • SMS marketing & integrated campaigning: SMS marketing is on the rise, and many email marketing experts have learned the ropes of this new channel, too. That’s because like email, SMS marketing is a great nurture stream channel, and works best when integrated with other marketing campaigns. Just remember, opt-in requirements for SMS are far more intense than regular email opt-in requirements. 

It's never too early to invest in email marketing.

A successful email marketing program is critical for the longevity of your business, and investing in it early is key.

While other channels might boost brand awareness, reach new audiences and accelerate growth, you don’t want to bring all those new prospects into the average startup’s leaky funnel. You need a strategy in place to nurture those leads once they convert on your ads or content – and that’s when an expert email marketer can come in handy

Email marketing can quickly improve the ROI on all of your digital marketing campaigns and channels.

Whether you’re focused on getting new subscribers, nurturing leads, keeping current customers engaged, or upselling them on bigger or newer offers, an investment in email marketing is an investment in all of your marketing channels.

By highlighting your services or products in an (automated) email marketing campaign or nurture funnel with relevant content, you can stay top of mind for your audience.

Email is also a relatively safe bet. You’re operating on rented land when you use social platforms like Facebook to grow your business or engage with your target market. You don’t own the data or the platform. Once you capture someone’s email address, though — through an email signup, a paid ad, a free resource like a webinar, or a pop-up — it’s yours. No algorithm update can keep you from reaching them, as long as you send them relevant, engaging content. This means you have a direct channel to communicate with your leads and customers — and you don’t have to pay per send.

Hiring a freelance email marketer just makes sense.

If you’re not leveraging email to grow your business, hiring a freelance email marketing expert is one of the smartest things you can do for your brand. Sourcing and hiring an ideal candidate full-time could be a time-intensive and expensive endeavor. Just hashing out the job title and job description can chew up a week! And especially if you’re not an email marketing expert yourself, you run the risk of bringing on the wrong person.

If you have someone in-house tackling  your email marketing strategy alone, hiring an expert freelancer still makes sense. They can come on as a partner who understands the complexities of email as well as the stage and circumstances of your business will likely improve your email marketing efforts significantly. They can look at your business and email marketing strategy with fresh eyes and collaborate with any other marketers you have in house to move you towards your goals. 

If you’ve hired an agency to provide email marketing services and you’re not sure if you’re getting the most bang for your buck, bringing in a freelancer to audit the agency’s work could lead to a breakthrough — and cost a fraction of what an agency does. Just be sure to look for email marketing specialists who have experience with your existing CRM or email marketing tool. Popular ones include Hubspot, Constant Contact, Klaviyo, or MailChimp –– all of which have various free plans, paid options, and more based on your needs. Your email marketing expert can help you better understand the different pricing tiers of these email service providers. 

Freelancers aren’t just less costly, either. They’re more flexible. A freelance email marketing expert could come in every few months, realign your strategy, help educate anyone in-house, and then return as needed. Compare that with keeping an expensive agency on retainer!

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