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  • Doubled B2B leads on LinkedIn with a content program, achieving 50% higher conversion rates.
  • Boosted a luxury brand's TikTok following from 50K to 400K in 3 months with enhanced storytelling via user content.
  • Led a Facebook strategy for an ecommerce client, increasing CTR by 50% and engagement by 75% in 2 months.
  • Revamped communication strategies for a B2B software company, enhancing user engagement and leading to a 46% rise in product article downloads and improved customer knowledge and satisfaction.
  • Led content planning and creation for an early-stage ecommerce brand, including ads and copywriting, increasing subscribers by 20%, site traffic by 62%, and referral traffic by 23%.
  • Built a content playbook, thought leadership articles, website audit and redesign, customer journey mapping, and persona development leading to a 50% increase in site traffic for a subscription Saas client.
  • Led the marketing strategy and a 10-person team for a health-tech business, developing a much higher performing lead-gen and conversion funnel, with new leads up 70% and sales up 40% in 8 months.
  • Built out an entire roadmap for scale across affiliate, media buying, email marketing + loyalty programs, community + content, and more for a $40M consumer marketplace.
  • Was interim-CMO for a gaming startup, building out the entire marketing playbook for the next 3 quarters pre + post-launch, including channel-strategy + budget + metrics + staffing + timelines.