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Lori launched a heritage brand's skin care line on Amazon, and then grew sales over 325%, generating hundreds of customer reviews in year one.
Lori F.
Trevor implemented the first Amazon DSP campaigns to geo-target new Google Fiber accessible cities. Click-through rate (CTR) exceeded goal by 61% and activation rate exceeded goal by 27%.
Trevor K.
Sportswear Unlimited’s Amazon revenue grew 1,011% to $100K per month within an 8 month period with Jason's help. Jason also increased revenue 2.34X YoY on Amazon alone. 
Jason C.

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Amazon marketing has evolved.

Like all marketing channels, Amazon marketing has become more complex over the last decade. It has its own search algorithm, its own content types, and it’s own rules for how to grow a brand on "The Everything Store."

MarketerHire’s network of expert Amazon marketing freelancers are ready to help you navigate these intricacies, and we’ve gathered some additional information to help you and your team understand this discipline.

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) provides tools and resources to help Amazon sellers stand out and drive traffic to their product pages on Amazon. As of September 2018, Amazon rebranded AMS to “Advertising Console,” which highlights how Amazon is getting more serious about their advertising platform.

In 2020, Amazon ad revenue hit more than $12 billion. In 2021, it is expected to grow more than 33% to $16 billion. In fact, more than 50% of all advertising spend goes to Amazon and Google. 

All this to say, Amazon is quickly becoming an advertising channel brands can’t ignore. More and more people are beginning to search for products on Amazon before Google, and Amazon is enabling brands to capitalize on this with Amazon Marketing Services.

Interestingly, a Catalyst study cited in The New York Times found that only 15% of brands felt they were making the most of advertising on Amazon’s platform and 63% of brands who already used Amazon marketing services said they plan to increase their budget in the coming year. 

With companies knowing they need to leverage Amazon to grow their product-based businesses and with the competition heating up, finding an expert Amazon marketer has never been more critical.

Amazon marketing experts help brands stand out.

Amazon might not (yet) be on par with Facebook or Google when it comes to paid ad campaigns, but it’s growing quickly for a reason.

The magic in Amazon’s marketing services lies in the type of data it collects on its users. While Google knows what you’re searching for, and Facebook knows what you like and who your friends are, Amazon knows what a potential customer owns and wants to own.

The company tracks exactly what you’ve purchased, when you purchased it, and can reasonably predict what you intend to buy next. 

This kind of data is extremely valuable for e-commerce business leaders who are looking to surface ads to the right customers at the right time — and can translate into conversion rates as high as 20%.

Amazon allows vendors to utilize three different types of pay-per-click (PPC) ads that appear on the site: sponsored brand ads, sponsored product ads, or product display ads. 

Depending on the Amazon PPC campaign, these types of ads appear on various search result pages. They can appear on similar product pages that also belong to the advertiser, or can even appear on a direct competitor’s product pages. 

Amazon lets sellers cast a wide advertising net, too, by allowing them to place sponsored display ads on other Amazon-owned online properties like Kindle or smartphones. These ad placements hinge on highly sophisticated retargeting techniques, and often show up on external sites reminding users about those new speakers they were looking at but forgot to buy. 

Point blank: Amazon ads are focused and precise tools. They help build brand awareness, drive traffic to an Amazon seller’s product listings and landing pages, and ultimately increase product listing conversion rates. 

And that’s not even getting into the benefits of Amazon SEO, keyword research, content marketing via A+ content, email marketing specifically for your Amazon listings, or social media marketing strategy to drive additional traffic to your product listings. 

Amazon marketing experts utilize a full-funnel marketing plan to optimize your Amazon storefront, reach your target audience and drive Amazon sales. 

You can't win on Amazon without these marketing skills.

Top Amazon freelancers are a rare breed because they need to have a myriad of marketing skills to drive results on the platform. 

Here’s a list of the most critical skills every great Amazon marketer should have (all of which MarketerHire vets for):

  • Listing optimization: Before any marketing strategy is in place, true Amazon marketers should be able to optimize product descriptions and landing pages for conversion with product titles, images, key features, descriptions and reviews.
  • Paid advertising: Amazon uses a PPC model, so Amazon marketers need to know how to manage advertising costs and create compelling product display ads, video ads, Amazon sponsored product ads, and custom headline search ads, so users click through and buy. 
  • Amazon SEO: Amazon isn’t just an e-commerce website, it’s a popular search engine with its own algorithm and search engine optimization techniques. Expert Amazon marketing freelancers need to be on top of algorithm changes and know how to optimize individual product descriptions and listing pages for search terms to boost product discoverability and relevance, and increase sales for an Amazon account.
  • Promotion management: Using Amazon’s various promotional features effectively can lead to significant sales increases, so Amazon marketers need to identify and implement promotional pricing and product targeting opportunities using coupons, lightning deals, and early reviewer programs. They can also run promotions for holidays from Prime Day to Black Friday.

Full-hire hire or agency? It's a false binary.

It takes a ton of time, energy, operational know-how and strategic thinking to succeed on Amazon — and trying to wing this thing alone is a surefire way to fail. If you’re just starting out on Amazon, you should hire an Amazon marketing services expert.

With that in mind, you typically have two choices: find a full-time hire, or outsource the work to an Amazon marketing agency. Neither is great. 

Finding the right full-time hire is a lengthy, expensive, and often risky process. It could take months to find the right person, and if you're not an Amazon marketing services expert yourself, how can you be sure you’re screening for the right things?

All too often, months are invested into hiring someone only to discover a few months down the line that it’s not the right fit. At that point, you’ve spent a lot of time and money, yet you’re nowhere near your marketing goals. 

That’s some serious opportunity cost.

Alternatively, you could outsource the work to an agency. Growing businesses tend to prefer this because it’s a more flexible arrangement than a full-time hire. The trouble is, while agencies may be more flexible, they’re exorbitantly expensive. Big firms are known for their overworked account managers and juggle a slew of clients, which often means lackluster marketing campaign metrics and details slipping through the cracks. 

That’s why MarketerHire believes in matching top Amazon marketing freelancers with businesses to achieve their marketing goals. With this model, Amazon businesses get the time and attention they deserve with a flexible, reasonably-priced expert.

The smartest Amazon marketing hire is a freelancer.

Bringing in a freelance Amazon marketer is the smartest way to accomplish your goals quickly and effectively.

If you’ve been tinkering with Amazon marketing services in-house but want help assessing what you’re currently doing, dreaming up alternative tactics or recommendations, or even building your Amazon marketing and advertising strategy from the ground up, a top Amazon freelancer can work with your team and set you up for success. 

Or, you can simply hand off the work to them entirely and have them manage it on an hourly basis — rather than paying the over-the-top retainer an agency might charge.

Alternatively, if you’ve been working with an agency and don’t feel you’re getting much bang for your buck, hiring an expert Amazon marketing freelancer to come in as a third party to evaluate the work that’s been done and help you move forward on a more flexible basis can be more cost-effective — and smarter. 

That’s especially true if you’re growing a business with unpredictable or seasonal revenue. In that context, being able to ramp up or scale back your costs when it comes to your Amazon marketing strategy and the specific products you are selling is important. 

And knowing the work being done is being performed by an industry expert who actually has the bandwidth to give your business the time and attention you need means one less thing for you to worry about.

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