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What Expert Assistants Do

Expert assistants are perfect for tasks that are repetitive, rote, and tedious – manual work that’s less strategic, yet often takes up the majority of an average employee’s day.

Marketing Assistants

Digital Advertising
Organic Marketing Support
Social Media Management
Reporting and Dashboards
Website and Analytics
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Design Assistants

Advertising Design
Website Design
Email Design
Editing Creative Assets
Video and GIF Editing
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Sales Assistants

Inbound and Outbound Calls
Inbound and Outbound Emails
Customer Service and Chat
Lead Gen and Prospecting
Research, Data Entry, Admin
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Looking for something else?

Our Expert Assistants are quick learners and can support your teams on any of their most time-consuming tasks so the rest of your team can move faster, do more, and save money. Chat with us to discuss your specific needs.

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Marketing Assistant
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The MarketerHire Advantage

Better Talent

Top 1%

We only accept the best of the best as Expert Assistants. Each Expert Assistant undergoes rigorous vetting prior to being considered for your role.

Hire Faster

Hire within a week

Hire your new Expert Assistant in less than a week and get started immediately with a one-week free trial.

Lower Cost

Save up to 70%

Expert Assistants cost 2-3x less than comparably experienced US-based talent. All MarketerHire Expert Assistants have 3+ years of experience.

How it works

Describe your needs

Complete the quick form then meet with our team to capture your requirements

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We match you with an Expert Assistant in less than a week based on your specific needs

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What our customers are saying

"MarketerHire has been a game-changer for Bloom."
Austen Allred, CEO, Bloom IT
"MarketerHire quickly found us a talented freelancer who was able to self-manage our backlog of initiatives."
Anthony Parascondola, General Manager, HelloFresh
“MarketerHire has found a way to help the freelance marketing community consistently find work with brands that they’re the best for, including us!”
Nick Green, Founder of Thrive Market
“We’ve got a great marketing team in-house, but always afraid we’re in an echo chamber of our own ideas. We love bringing in freelancers from MarketerHire in to help check our bias, teach us best practices from other companies, and spark new ideas.”
Aman Advani, Founder of Ministry of Supply

Simple pricing with unparalleled ROI

$2,850 per month
Dedicated Expert Assistant
Pre-Vetted by the MarketerHire team
College-educated and fluent in English
Extensive relevant work experience
Works in your time zone and schedule
Integrates fully into your team, apps, and stack
No long-term commitment
Fast & easy onboarding

Take your business to new heights

Meet your new MarketerHire Expert Assistant in just a few days

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Marketing Assistant
Marketing Assistant
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Expert Assistants?
MarketerHire Expert Assistants are offshore resources from the Philippines ready to support your marketing, design, and sales. All Expert Assistants are college-educated, speak English, and have 3+ years of relevant work experience.
How do you vet Expert Assistants?
Our 4 part vetting process ensures you only work with the best of the best:
  1. Application Screening: We review all applications to ensure they meet our minimum experience requirements including at least 2 years of work experience, experience with remote work, and experience working with US clients.
  2. Initial Interview: During the initial interview, we screen for verbal communication skills & English fluency, professionalism & personality, punctuality, availability, audio & video quality, and experience & skills.
  3. Testing: If the candidate passes the initial interview, they must pass a series of 6 tests: written test, situational test, typing speed test, internet speed test, backup connection test, and device test.
  4. Final Interview: During the final interview, we screen for culture fit, comprehension skills, and deep dive into their experience with specific tech stacks, industries, and past clients.
Will my Expert Assistant be dedicated and what hours will they work?
Yes, your Expert Assistant will be dedicated to you and your needs. They work 40 hours per week in your preferred time zone.
How will I communicate with my Expert Assistant?
Your Expert Assistant will work and communicate with you via your preferred method – email, Slack, Zoom, Hangouts, Asana, etc.
What is the key to successfully working with an Expert Assistant?
Having a clear manager is the key to successfully working with an Expert Assistant. Expert Assistants perform best with clear direction from an internal manager, whether that’s an Expert Marketer from MarketerHire, an in-house lead, or an agency representative.

Expert Assistants should:
  • Execute on behalf of directions from a manager
  • Receive real-time and direct feedback from a manager
  • Have clear channels for communication
  • Be trained and onboarded like anyone else
  • Be included in team meetings
  • Be treated the same as onshore team for work hours
Expert Assistants should not:
  • Be directly responsible for performance-based results
  • Be responsible for creating any strategy
  • Be asked to purchase software licenses
  • Own or lead any marketing/design/sales channel
  • Exceed 40 hours of work per week

Expert Assistants

Full-time, college-educated, offshore talent

See why MarketerHire is trusted by startups to Fortune 500’s like these:

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What can they do?

For $2,850 a month, we provide a fully-vetted, college educated, and full-time (40 hours/week) offshore resource to support your marketing, design, and sales teams with their most time-consuming tasks, such as:

Paid social and search advertising
Organic marketing support
Social media management
Reporting and dashboards
Website and analytics
Advertising design
Website design
Email design
Editing creative assets
Video and GIF editing
Inbound and outbound calls
Inbound and outbound emails
Customer service and chat support
Lead generation and prospecting
Research, data entry, and admin

“And much more! Our Expert Assistants are quick learners, and can support your teams on any of their most time consuming tasks so the rest of your team can move faster, do more, and save money … just ask!”

“Lou has been amazing to work with. She has always been available, professional, and just super kind/fun to work with. She has rolled up her sleeves ready to work since the first day. She comes to the table with suggestions and creative ideas and implements them effectively. I am so thankful to have found her through MarketerHire.”

Nabiha, Expert Assistant customer

How it works


Fill out a short form and speak to our team to scope your requirements.


We custom match you with an Expert Assistant to fit your time zone and needs.


We set up a kick-off call with your dedicated Expert Assistant and you’re ready to go.