Expert Assistants

Full-time, college-educated, offshore talent

See why MarketerHire is trusted by startups to Fortune 500’s like these:

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What can they do?

For $2,850 a month, we provide a fully-vetted, college educated, and full-time (40 hours/week) offshore resource to support your marketing, design, and sales teams with their most time-consuming tasks, such as:

Paid social and search advertising
Organic marketing support
Social media management
Reporting and dashboards
Website and analytics
Advertising design
Website design
Email design
Editing creative assets
Video and GIF editing
Inbound and outbound calls
Inbound and outbound emails
Customer service and chat support
Lead generation and prospecting
Research, data entry, and admin

“And much more! Our Expert Assistants are quick learners, and can support your teams on any of their most time consuming tasks so the rest of your team can move faster, do more, and save money … just ask!”

“Lou has been amazing to work with. She has always been available, professional, and just super kind/fun to work with. She has rolled up her sleeves ready to work since the first day. She comes to the table with suggestions and creative ideas and implements them effectively. I am so thankful to have found her through MarketerHire.”

Nabiha, Expert Assistant customer

How it works


Fill out a short form and speak to our team to scope your requirements.


We custom match you with an Expert Assistant to fit your time zone and needs.


We set up a kick-off call with your dedicated Expert Assistant and you’re ready to go.