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3 Lessons From Parachute’s Chaotic Catalog Cover

September 6, 2022
March 22, 2022
Kelsey Donk

Sometimes you send a catalog and never know if people liked the creative you included. Other times, it goes viral. Here’s what Parachute can learn from its viral marketing moment.

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Last week, Washington Post columnist Taylor Lorenz tweeted about a weird catalog cover and got over 2K replies.

It was print marketing gone viral — without a QR code in sight. And despite Lorenz's criticism, it worked for Parachute. Let’s dive into three lessons we gleaned from print’s viral moment.

“Chaotic marketing” gets people talking. 

The Parachute catalog struck brand consultant Michael Miraflor as part of a shift toward “chaos” in marketing. 

Think, Sweetgreen ads, which feature a person eating a salad on an open copy machine, or Mejuri’s content, which pictures jewelry floating in Lucky Charms

Social listening tools help brands act quickly.

Parachute immediately responded to Lorenz, and even offered her “some goodies.” But Lorenz’s original tweet didn’t tag the company.

Social listening was probably the secret sauce, MarketerHire’s organic social lead, Ivory Bandoh, said. These tools can find content “even if you're not directly tagged in anything.”

Cross-promotion doesn’t always work. 

In the brand’s first reply to Lorenz, Parachute tagged Dyson. But the reply felt artificial, at best, and reminded some of Dyson’s controversies

Eventually, Parachute apologized for tweeting before researching. 

Our takeaway?

A slightly unsettling image paired with a responsive social media team is sometimes all it takes to make print marketing go viral — and make it trackable. 

Kelsey Donk
about the author

Kelsey Donk is a writer at MarketerHire. Before joining MarketerHire full-time, Kelsey was a freelance writer and loved working with small businesses to level up their content. When she isn't writing, Kelsey can be found gardening or walking her dogs all around Minneapolis.

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