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"We wanted someone that was deeply embedded within the team."
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Simon Reynolds, VP of Marketing, Vivian Health
Austen Allred, CEO, Lambda School

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"MarketerHire has been a game-changer for Lambda School."
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"With MarketerHire, we were able to hit our high expectations with a seamless, trusted platform that got us the marketers with the credibility we wanted – fast."
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Tara Elwell Henning, Co-Founder, Superkin

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Eric Douglas
Sales & Marketing
CTR and conversions have doubled since starting with MarketerHire. We also like that the marketer was able to accomplish twelve months worth of work in one month.
Andrew Baird
VP, Marketing
MarketerHire is our go-to for quick scalability. Their talent pool is diverse, and each time we've worked with their talent we've grown as an organization and we've learned.
Alyssa Marshall
Project Manager
I highly recommend MarketerHire. We hired someone for our social media and she was been doing amazing. We are glad we found you!

“Frankly, MarketerHire has saved us a lot of time.”

David Fudge, Co-founder And Ceo, Aplos

“We have a list of marketers we’re now going to hire from MarketerHire subsequently.”

Theo Miller, Founder & Ceo, Hit Startmedia

“Our SEO marketer from MarketerHire increased our revenue 3x over the previous season.”

Nancy Ross Tomchik, Brand Director, Teak & Twine

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If we hadn't had access to the MarketerHire network, we would have blundered our way through this very serious problem to a degree that may have jeopardized our entire platform.

Nick Dazé


We are obsessed with our freelancer Savannah, who we found through MarketerHire. She's been one of the best things that has happened to our team.

Corinne Crockett

VP of Marketing

We weren't sure how long we would need them, [or] how many hours we would need them for."

Melissa Urban

Co-founder and CEO
Vivian Health

"We wanted someone that was deeply embedded within the team."

Simon Reynolds

VP of Marketing

I know marketing is one of the most important pillars for my product, and I don’t want to waste any money on people that just won’t meet my standards.

Jillian Tessler


The entire process of working with MarketerHire was a dream. From start to finish, it was flawless.”

Jake Sally


We’re more than a marketplace. We’re a partner for growth.

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