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How Loot Increased its Customer Base by 28% with MarketerHire

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Fintech lacks social presence, seeks growth strategy expertise

As Loot, a fintech startup, looked to expand its working capital offerings, its CEO and co-founder, John Cain, recognized the importance of investing in its social media strategy for brand visibility, customer engagement, and growth. However, the company lacked a foundational social media presence and needed to build an audience from scratch across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, but didn’t have the in-house marketing resources to get started. They also needed to create an extensive image and video bank for marketing purposes.

As a startup founder already wearing many hats, John didn’t have bandwidth to put on yet another one. John needed an expert and sought a social media manager who could help them establish their social media presence and implement a strategy that would resonate with small business owners. He also required they had the expertise to not just stand up social media channels, but the know-how to fuel the full growth strategy through paid social and more. After an initial consultation call, John decided to partner with MarketerHire to find the right person quickly and efficiently.


We decided to work with MarketerHire because of the flexible hiring options and the quick access to an expert marketing talent pool."

John Cain

CEO & Co-Founder




Expert talent swiftly establishes social foundation, drives growth

"We were expanding our marketing strategy and had minimal social media presence. With MarketerHire, we found our perfect talent match in just 2 weeks and have been working with Liz for over a year now to optimize our social media and growth strategy," John shared.

With MarketerHire’s pre-vetted talent and AI-powered matching technology, Loot found Liz, an experienced social media manager with years of expertise in digital marketing for startups and small businesses. Liz joined the team and immediately got to work. Not only did Liz build and execute the social media strategy, but she brought additional expertise, stepping into a growth role driving social and paid ads. Key highlights of her work included:

  1. Social Content Creation and Posting: Liz spearheaded the creation of high-quality visual content by leveraging the designer’s expertise and building a library of images and videos that aligned with Loot’s brand. She also implemented a consistent posting schedule across platforms.
  2. Growth-Focused Strategy Execution: Understanding the startup’s need for flexibility, Liz swiftly developed and executed a strategy focused on organic audience engagement and paid advertising. She introduced innovative tactics to reach small business owners through Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  3. Keyword Strategy Optimization: Liz prioritized building a strong keyword strategy, ensuring high visibility across Google searches. By focusing on continuous keyword optimization and conversion improvement, she laid a solid foundation for effective search engine marketing.
  4. HubSpot Integration: Liz set up Google Ads to align with Loot’s HubSpot lead lifecycle stages, ensuring that campaigns were optimized to attract opportunities effectively.

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  • 5x Increase in Lead to Opportunity Conversion Rate
  • The strategic optimization of keywords and conversion tactics significantly improved the rate at which leads turned into viable business opportunities, achieving a fivefold increase month-over-month.
  • 10x Increase in Expected Funded Volume
  • As the keyword and paid social strategies matured, Loot saw a dramatic increase in expected funded amounts month-over-month, growing by tenfold.
  • 28% Increase in Customers
  • With increased opportunities and optimized conversion, the number of customers grew by 28% month-over-month.

"Liz joined the team and had an immediate impact. She delivered on exactly what we were looking for: the quick creation and execution of the social media strategy," John said. "Even better, now with her focus on paid search keyword & conversion signals optimization she has helped us 2x opportunities and increased our customer base by 28% month over month."

By setting up Google Search continuous keyword and conversion optimization and having Google optimize for HubSpot lead lifecycle stages, Liz helped Loot achieve amazing results.

By partnering with MarketerHire, Loot leveraged expert talent to navigate its social media and growth challenges and successfully expand its online presence. The collaboration has provided the foundation for sustainable growth and serves as a testament to the power of flexible staffing solutions for startups.


Liz delivered on exactly what we were looking for ... and has helped us 2x opportunities and increase our customer base by 28% month over month"

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