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How Lambda School Got 18 Months of Marketing Work Done in a Week

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In November 2020, online coding academy Lambda School had searched for a VP of Marketing for six months — with no luck.

“It's really difficult to hire good marketing people and it takes a really long time,” Lambda School co-founder and CEO Austen Allred said. 

The school had marketing for its courses “locked down,” said Allred. But the team wanted to level up how they marketed students

Instead of charging tuition, Lambda School charges students a portion of their post-grad salaries. Students only generate revenue post-grad, when they get hired.

How could Lambda School get even more alums hired? 

A VP with the right B2B marketing chops was hard to find. “Mission critical” growth deadlines loomed. 

Allred and his team needed to think outside the box.


You can have an expert spun up almost instantly, which is a rare luxury in the business world.”

Austen Allred

Co-Founder and CEO


Lambda School


Allred first heard about MarketerHire from an investor, and “it intuitively made sense,” he said.

The marketing industry was ripe for a freelance talent platform. In marketing roles, experience and impact are more important than hours worked. 

“I don't necessarily need... a full-time hire,” Allred explained. “I need impact, and I'm happy to pay for that.”

Plus, B2B impact was easy for Lambda School to measure. More students getting hired? That’s success. 

“It's not hard to justify” hiring through a new platform when performance is easy to track, Allred said — so he reached out to MarketerHire.

Right away, he was impressed by two things: the quality of candidates and the speed of matching.

“You can have an expert spun up almost instantly, which is a rare luxury in the business world,” he said. “The person that we ended up working with had done exactly what we needed for years and years and years.”

He hired his first MarketerHire match. It took about 48 hours. 

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Nemo — a growth marketer — got to work standing up a program called Lambda Fellows.

Through the program, employers could hire Lambda School alums for one-year fellowships. 

It progressed quickly. “It would’ve taken us 18 months to get to the point we got to in like a week through MarketerHire,” Allred said. 

Allred appreciated the freelancer’s flexible hours. During the first three months of the project, Nemo worked full-time to stand up core processes. After that, the time commitment tapered off. 

“We could spin him up or down according to our needs,” Allred said.

Today, Lambda Fellows is thriving. It’s how 10% of Lambda School alums get hired.

“It was a channel that literally didn't exist and now it makes up a non-trivial amount of our revenue,” Allred said. 

The project was such a success, he recommends MarketerHire to other businesses “all the time,” he said.


It would’ve taken us 18 months to get to the point we got to in like a week through MarketerHire.”

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