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Superkin Grows Organic Ranking & Builds Solid Technical SEO Foundation with MarketerHire

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Superkin, a high tech, low maintenance brand for exceptional and expecting women, was an idea turned into a 70-page Google document before Miriam Williams and Tara Elwell Henning, co-founders, took the leap to turn it into a full-fledged business – and their full-time jobs. Miriam’s background was in supply chain operations, and Tara’s was in merchandising, planning and ecommerce. 

Their operational and merchandising skills and passion for the brand made them a powerful founding duo –– but they quickly realized they needed expert marketing help to get things off the ground. 

There were tactical pieces of marketing expertise that we knew we didn’t have,” says Miriam. “We had to weigh whether we wanted to spend the time to learn those disciplines, or hire an expert off the bat to speed up success.” 

When it came to SEO, the co-founders decided to bring in an expert. They went through their networks and were introduced to an SEO expert to help out part-time. In short order, that expert accepted a full-time position elsewhere. 

“She no longer had time for us, and we needed to protect our brand. We needed stuff to happen and get done –– fast.”


With MarketerHire, we were able to hit our high expectations with a seamless, trusted platform that got us the marketers with the credibility we wanted – fast.

Tara Elwell Henning





Now, Miriam and Tara were on the hunt for an expert SEO marketer. An agency wasn’t going to be the right fit, they had already determined, mostly because of cost. Plus, they wanted to work one-on-one with a smart, dynamic individual that could get on board and jump in.

That’s when they found MarketerHire. 

Within days, they were placed with Grace Wilkins, an SEO marketer who had deep experience in the e-commerce and direct-to-consumer space. 

“We were so happy we got placed with her! She knew all of the nuances of our industry immediately,” says Tara. “It’s just the two of us full-time, so having her come on and already have expertise was really important for us.”

With Grace onboard, she got Superkin and their Shopify website up to speed on all things technical SEO.

She began with an audit – like MarketerHire expert marketers are typically asked to do. From there, she hit the ground running. 

“There were so many easy wins she just knocked out, and then she really set up our foundational structure. From there, we started diving into content marketing and SEO strategy.”

This was key for the Superkin team, who wanted to use SEO to bolster community and drive organic traffic. Grace immediately understood the strategy and how to go about accomplishing it. 

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Superkin wasn’t in a place to bring on a full-time hire, and that made finding an expert SEO marketer more challenging. This was especially true after their first engagement with a freelance marketer through their network fell through. 

“It was great that Grace had worked for other direct to consumer brands at various stages. She had worked on two brands that we very much admired,” says Miriam. “In that regard, she came to us with a ton of credibility. We knew she had done this before, and we knew she had done it well.”

With MarketerHire’s pre-vetting, expert marketers like Grace come with years of experience at well-known brands and know exactly how to put strategies in place to see results. 

“Since I began working with Superkin, organic traffic has increased 106%,” says Grace Wilkins. “We still have a lot of work to get where we want those numbers to be, but I’m really happy that we've seen traffic double so far from work we've done with e-commerce SEO. Next, we’ll get started with content marketing.”

Beyond the credibility and expertise, however, was the time saved by using MarketerHire to find the right match. 

Tara and Miriam didn’t have to weed through resumes or experience. Instead, they got matched in two days and were able to move forward with a marketer immediately capable of hitting their high-quality expectations.

“We come from great brands, so we have certain expectations,” says Tara. “MarketerHire was a seamless, trusted platform that got us the marketers with the credibility that we wanted.”


Our freelancer knew all of the nuances of our industry immediately. It’s just the two of us full-time, so having her come on and already have expertise was really important for us.

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