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The Ultimate Social Media Credential...

September 6, 2022
August 4, 2021
Mae Rice

How does one master social media? Well, you could use it... or apparently go to school for it. But should you? That's a hot topic on #MarketingTwitter.

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Do you need a master’s degree to be a great social media manager?

This week, Wall Street Journal columnist Christopher Mims suggested you might, igniting a #MarketingTwitter controversy so powerful, it made Tumblr relevant again.

Don’t stay in school, kids...

Social media marketer Jodie Scarborough is joking above... but she’s also right, according to other SMMs (and MarketerHire’s vetting criteria). 

Experience using actual social platforms is more important to a social media career than any course.  

Social media marketing salaries won’t necessarily pay off grad school loans, either — the average social media director makes about $68K, according to Glassdoor.

Our takeaway? 

Some people have had good experiences in social media masters programs, but when in doubt — drop out! 

The field changes so fast, your whole grad school curriculum could be irrelevant by the time you graduate.

Mae Rice
about the author

Mae Rice is editor in chief at MarketerHire. A long-time content marketer, she loves learning about the weird and wonderful feedback loops that connect marketing and culture.

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