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Is iOS 15’s Buzziest Feature… Digital Rain?

June 18, 2021
September 23, 2021
Mae Rice

The new rain in the weather app is definitely really cool. But for marketers, the buzziest feature is something less visible: Mail Privacy Protection.

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It’s definitely the most soothing. And strangely moving?

We love watching the rain bounce off the top of the forecast panel in the weather app. (And yes, there’s a video for you late adopters.)

Just in time for fall!

For marketers, though, the buzziest feature is much less cute. It’s the Apple Mail app’s Mail Privacy Protection.

3 reasons iOS 15 changes email marketing

Here’s how Karina Vitale, MarketerHire’s lifecycle marketing manager, sees iOS 15 impacting her email marketing so far. (Remember, though: iOS 15 has been live for three days.)

  • People actually use Apple’s Mail app. You can delete it from your iPhone — like we did! — but about 10-20% use it, Vitale estimated. 
  • It’s taking a privacy-first turn. Mail Privacy Protection lets Mail app users mask their IP addresses and render their email opens untrackable.
  • Open rates are trending down already. Vitale has observed a drop, though nothing “too alarming yet.”

Our takeaway? 

Email open rates are losing relevance. Over time, Vitale sees the core email performance metric shifting to clicks and conversions — which are stronger engagement indicators anyway.

Also, people love digital rain way more than actually getting rained on.

Mae Rice
about the author

Mae Rice is senior editor at MarketerHire. A long-time content marketer, she enjoys interviewing marketing experts and learning about the weird and wonderful feedback loops that connect marketing and culture. She also loves any ad that makes her say "Huh?!" — especially Tim and Eric's ad for Totino's pizza rolls, which she watches way more often than you would think.

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