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The Most Hired Marketing Roles in January 2022

September 6, 2022
February 8, 2022
Kelsey Donk

As marketing leaders reset their budgets in January, they hired more freelance content marketers and fewer paid social media marketers. Here’s what our team thinks is behind the numbers.

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How did marketing leaders ring in the new year? 

In the first month of 2022, they ramped up content headcount and reduced paid social media hiring, according to MarketerHire’s internal hiring data.

Source: MarketerHire

Content marketers got hired more often … 

Content marketing hires made up 14% of all MarketerHire hires in January — up 38% from December.

Some of that bump may be seasonal. “It’s Q1,” MarketerHire’s VP of Creative Operations, Ellen Kim, said. “[Marketing] budgets got approved.” 

Another factor: six of our top 15 marketing trends for 2022 involve content. It’s hot this year!

… but not paid social media marketers

In January, paid social media marketers’ share of total MarketerHire hires shrank 12% MoM.

That downturn may be linked to ebbing Facebook spend. Over a third of marketers have cut FB spend, according to MarketerHire’s Facebook Ads spend survey

Some moved budget to Google Ads or Taboola, while 6.5% were pivoting to content marketing.

Our takeaway?

The marketing roles businesses hired for most in January 2022 lined up with our marketing trends forecast: Demand for content hires soared and paid social media marketers shrank. 

Kelsey Donk
about the author

Kelsey Donk is a writer at MarketerHire. Before joining MarketerHire full-time, Kelsey was a freelance writer and loved working with small businesses to level up their content. When she isn't writing, Kelsey can be found gardening or walking her dogs all around Minneapolis.

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