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Why French Advertisers Have It Easier Than Us

September 6, 2022
August 17, 2021
Kelsey Donk

With the arrival of iOS 14 and ATT, digital marketers have seen a troubling drop in attribution data from iPhone users. But the drop-off hasn't been even around the world. This week, we looked into why.

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Marketers around the world are stressed about iOS 14 — but maybe not equally. 

They’re probably least stressed in France, which has the highest ATT opt-in rate, and most stressed in China, which has the lowest. 

Source: Singular

Low opt-in in China is easy to explain — 48% of Chinese iPhone users turn off tracking requests, so they’ll never even see an ATT pop-up. 

But what about France? 

France’s X factors: the French language and “laziness” 

No funny business from the advertising lobby here. France’s antitrust regulatory body petitioned against iOS 14 and ATT months ago, and if they’d won, opt-in would have remained implicit in France.

But they lost.

The 30%+ ATT opt-in rate in France is about something simpler: language differences and font sizes. 

As Singular points out, “Allow App to Track” in English is four words shorter than the French equivalent, “Demander à l’app de ne pas suivre mes activités.” 

That makes the French text smaller in the dialog box, and almost impossible to read, based on crowdsourced screenshots in the ATT prompts gallery

Source: ATT Prompts Gallery

We can easily imagine someone just clicking “Autoriser” on the French prompt because they don’t want to squint. 

Marine Bergot, a French marketer and swimwear buyer, agrees. “It’s out of  laziness,” she told MarketerHire. 

Our takeaway?

What we’re seeing now is a pure linguistic difference — and a happy coincidence for advertisers. As we learned from GDPR, visual nudges like button sizes and colors — or illegibly fine print  — can majorly boost opt-in rates.

Kelsey Donk
about the author

Kelsey Donk is a writer at MarketerHire. Before joining MarketerHire full-time, Kelsey was a freelance writer and loved working with small businesses to level up their content. When she isn't writing, Kelsey can be found gardening or walking her dogs all around Minneapolis.

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