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The Most Hired Marketing Roles in February 2022

September 6, 2022
March 8, 2022
Kelsey Donk

Growth marketing hires didn’t shrink in February 2022, but their usually-strong lead on other roles shrank slightly, according to MarketerHire’s internal hiring data.

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Brands couldn’t pick just one Valentine in February 2022. We tracked hires from our network of vetted freelance marketers, and found that:

  • Social media managers were 30%+ more popular.
  • Brand marketers made up almost 5% of total hires. 
  • Growth marketers’ share of total hires shrank 14% MoM.
Source: MarketerHire

Let’s take a look at what changed from January to February. 

Growth marketing was less popular than usual

Growth marketers are always MarketerHire’s most popular role, and February was no exception — but they made up about a quarter of all hires, down from a third in January. 

Marketing teams were moving to “plug holes rather than build a whole new strategy,” senior growth manager Kaullin Sigward said. 

Brand marketers earned their own slot on the chart 

Brand marketers’ hiring share grew 27% MoM in February to just shy of 5% in February — the most popular they’ve been since August. 

Why? To start 2022, companies invested in brand development before testing out new channels, Sigward said. 

Our takeaway?

Growth marketers dominated February less than previous months — which gave other roles, like paid search marketers and brand marketers, a chance to shine.  

Kelsey Donk
about the author

Kelsey Donk is a writer at MarketerHire. Before joining MarketerHire full-time, Kelsey was a freelance writer and loved working with small businesses to level up their content. When she isn't writing, Kelsey can be found gardening or walking her dogs all around Minneapolis.

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