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3 Things Amanda Natividad Learned From SparkToroing Her Own Twitter

September 6, 2022
January 11, 2022
Mae Rice

Natividad is VP of Marketing at SparkToro — but this was her first time using her company’s audience research tool on her audience of 58K. Here are her top takeaways.

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Amanda Natividad is VP of marketing for audience research startup SparkToro, and on Twitter, she has a major audience herself. 

58K people follow her insights on marketing (and cooking — she’s a trained chef!). 

But before our call, she had never used SparkToro’s platform to analyze her Twitter audience. 

That’s normal, honestly. Marketers typically use SparkToro for work, to scout out under-the-radar channels their target audience already follows, from niche influencers and podcasts to media outlets (sponcon anyone?). 

It’s multipurpose, though. So for this Q+A, we asked Natividad to SparkToro her own account. Here’s what she learned.

Her followers care about email marketing.

The finding: 4.2% of her audience use the phrase “email marketing” frequently.

How SparkToro knows: It crawls her followers’ public social posts for recurring terms.

Why it matters: Amanda hasn’t tweeted much about email marketing, but she knows quite a bit about it. “Maybe it’ll be useful if I share some insights on my newsletter,” she said. 

(It’s called The Menu, and hit 2K subscribers in December — despite spending most of its run as a “semi-secret.”)

They listen to startup and growth podcasts.

The finding: Her followers’ favorite podcasts are…

  1. The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish 
  2. Basecamp’s REWORK podcast
  3. Masters of Scale
  4. This Week in Startups
  5. The Growth Show

How SparkToro knows: “Podcast data is really hard to get,” Natividad said — but SparkToro triangulates, using public signals like who posts about the podcasts, or follows the podcast host and the podcast social accounts. 

How she could use it: To pitch herself as a podcast guest, citing SparkToro data to prove audience overlap. 

Her first idea: Talking about how she’s grown SparkToro’s Office Hours webinars to 1K guests per event (!) on The Growth Show. 

A good chunk have founded their own businesses.

The finding: “Founder” is the most frequently-used word in her followers’ bios — it appears in 8.2% of them. 

How SparkToro knows: It crawls her followers’ Twitter bios for recurring words and phrases. 

How she could use it: She could post more about founder-relevant concerns or search SparkToro for other accounts founders follow. Then she could build out a rolodex for collaboration opportunities — or competitive analysis. 😈

Our takeaway? 

SparkToro can help marketers analyze their employers’ audiences  — or their own, if they’re building a personal brand. 

And, as Natividad recently pointed out: who isn’t?

Mae Rice
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Mae Rice is editor in chief at MarketerHire. A long-time content marketer, she loves learning about the weird and wonderful feedback loops that connect marketing and culture.

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