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Top Brands Pivot to Organic Content to Boost Marketing ROI

February 2, 2023
May 31, 2022
By Raisin Bread Editors

In April 2022, marketing leaders embraced new platforms and media spend diversification reigned. Now, brands are diversifying further, investing more in unpaid channels like email newsletters, blogs, ebooks and videos.

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In April 2022, marketing leaders embraced new platforms and media spend diversification reigned.

More and more companies are spreading their paid digital ad spend beyond the “Big Three” — Google, Amazon and especially Facebook — since 2021.

Now, brands are diversifying further, investing more in unpaid channels like email newsletters, blogs, ebooks and videos.

According to MarketerHire’s hiring data, in April 2022:

● Content marketers’ share of total freelance hires rose 24% MoM

● SEO marketers’ share rose 13%

● SMMs’ share rose 3%

Why? We asked the MarketerHire growth experts. 

Higher costs, lower returns

A major factor here: “Paid ad costs are skyrocketing,” said MarketerHire senior growth manager Nick Schonewald.

● In Q3 2021, Google CPCs had risen YoY across multiple sectors — and were up 41% in the beauty sector, eMarketer reported.

● Facebook CPMs have fallen slightly since 2021, Revealbot disclosed, but ROAS has fallen further — ~30%, anecdotally.

Digital ad costs are dictated by supply and demand. As more companies raise their ad spend, the CPC/CPM for a particular market will increase. Brands would then have to spend more to maintain their return on their marketing budget, further fueling the frenzy.

The ad cookie crumbles

Another big reason: Consumers are becoming more privacy-conscious. 

“Recent privacy changes have compromised many advertisers' ability to target the right audiences and optimize campaigns,” said MarketerHire VP for growth, Aaron Christensen.

● Apple released a new privacy feature for iPhones that allowed users to opt out of targeted advertising from apps. Only 24% of iPhone users have consented to tracking, Flurry reported.

● Google has announced its intention to phase out support for third-party cookies for Chrome, scheduled for mid-2023.

● Changes to the EU's privacy law requires increasing levels of opt-in for data collection and processing.

As leading platforms and regulators push for stronger data privacy, companies are pushed to look for new opportunities for growth.

Organic content marketing to the rescue

In response to rising costs, companies are heavily investing in content marketing to maximize audience reach.

Some of the most in-demand projects right now, as reported by our sales team are...

● Educational blog posts

● Email copy

● Website copy

● White papers 

Then, their work gets distributed via organic channels: SEO marketers help place it in relevant SERPs, and social media managers repurpose and distribute it via organic socials.

But content marketers do much more than content creation.

As companies differentiate from the competition by establishing industry thought leadership, content marketers also play a crucial role by providing creative direction.

The media needs for each stage of the marketing funnel are varied, and brands must have an expert to drive the strategy from a content perspective.

How content marketing helps your bottom line

Audiences that have opted in to communication are ripe for the picking. Through relevant and original media, content experts create value for audiences and deepen their interest in the brand.

● LinkedIn users who are exposed to hybrid organic/paid content are 61% more likely to convert compared to those only exposed to paid media, the platform revealed.

● 78% of companies that were successful with content have a documented strategy, according to Semrush.

● Content marketing generates 3x more leads than paid marketing and costs 62% less, says DemandMetric.

That is why industry leaders such as Forbes, eBay, Whole30 and Playboy are hiring organic content marketers through MarketerHire. Top companies are outsourcing content marketing work that is often project-based, as it saves time and resources to hire an expert marketer to quickly and efficiently deliver projects. 

Organic content marketing will keep growing

As paid digital costs “skyrocket,” companies are turning to organic channel experts to boost marketing ROI and build loyal audiences.

MarketerHire marketers have helped thousands of companies execute impactful strategies that create value, generate more leads, and drive sales. Our clients include early-stage businesses, unicorn startups, and Fortune 500 brands.

Take the next step and see how MarketerHire can help you with your marketing talent needs.

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