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Conversion Secrets from Clearbit, MarketerHire, and Navattic

November 30, 2022
Stewart Hillhouse

Watch and learn from the exact playbooks used by three B2B marketers from Clearbit, MarketerHire and Navattic to drive pipeline and revenue through conversion

Table of Contents

How Clearbit used conversion to break into larger enterprise deals and fill the pipeline

Charlotte Clutson – Performance Marketing at Clearbit

How MarketerHire got a 401% lift in monthly conversions by moving faster

Hachimi Yallaoui – Growth Marketer on MarketerHire

How Navattic drove 450% more free trial signups with a single A/B test

Natalie Marcotullio – Head of Growth at Navattic

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Stewart Hillhouse
about the author

Stewart shares big ideas about marketing and growth. Stewart is currently Head of Content at Mutiny.

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