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Complete Guide To ESP Integration With Klaviyo

February 3, 2023
Jon Weberg

Table of Contents

When you find a quality customer relationship management (CRM) software or email services provider (ESP) that can better help your business grow, you know it’s time to switch to the more efficient option. By switching to a quality software tool like Klaviyo, you can see much better results across all of your email marketing. 

This guide will walk you through how to integrate your ESP with Klaviyo. If you want higher open rates, a rise in your click-through rates, and more profits across the board, Klaviyo can be a great solution.

Be aware that your current ESP may already have instructions or guidance for migration to Klaviyo.

How To Integrate Your ESP With Klaviyo

The below instructions will give you a clear path to integrating any ESP with Klaviyo. Read carefully and make sure to contact either Klaviyo support, or your current ESP’s support if any difficulties arise. 

Let’s walk you through complete ESP integration with Klaviyo now.

Swap out embedded simple signup forms 

You don’t want to have your lead flow reduced, which is why you need to make sure you swap out any embedded signup forms you have in place. Whether it’s your blog, website or other digital asset, making sure you’ve switched over to use your Klaviyo forms is key.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create new embed signup forms inside of Klaviyo.
  2. Copy the embed code.
  3. Replace your current ESP’s embedded forms with Klaviyo signup forms.

Redirect integrated subscriber forms

You may also have a number of integrated subscriber forms that are a part of advertising or content you spread across the internet. You will need to redirect or change out integrated connections made with your current ESP. Once this has been accomplished, put in or connect to Klaviyo subscriber forms.

Sync subscribers at checkout

If you're automatically collecting newsletter subscribers through your shopping cart checkout process, make sure these subscribers get synced to Klaviyo upon submitting the form. For certain service providers this may be a fairly simple process; others may require manually connecting some ESP information.

Import current bounces and unsubscribes

If you are using a built-in Klaviyo integration to migrate over from your former ESP, you won’t need to make any additional changes. If not, make sure your list of bounces and unsubscribed leads is uploaded to your suppression list within Klaviyo. 

Otherwise you’ll be emailing leads that shouldn’t be receiving any follow-up content. It is generally considered an email marketing best practice to only import leads who are subscribed and not bouncing your emails.

Migrate current autoresponders or CRMs

Migrate any existing autoresponders to flows and turn them live. You may be able to copy and paste them individually. Otherwise there may be an option in your current ESP to transfer them to Klaviyo directly.

Migrate saved email templates 

If you are using HTML email templates then simply follow this easy guide on how to import your own custom HTML email template into Klaviyo.

If you are not using HTML email templates, you will have to manually migrate your current ESP’s email templates over to Klaviyo. 

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your current ESP and Klaviyo. 
  2. Open up the areas of both platforms where your email templates are stored.
  3. Open up the email templates on your current ESP you want to transfer.
  4. Manually create and copy all the details of your email templates in your current ESP, to Klaviyo. 

This will take some time, but will be worth the effort to have the same quality templates you’ll need for your future email marketing efforts.

Important subscribers and lead segments

The most important part of integrating your ESP with Klaviyo is to make sure all subscribers and lead segments are successfully transferred. 

If you are using a popular ESP such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact, there will be a simple built-in integration you can do inside of Klaviyo to sync your email lists. Just navigate to your Integrations tab, clicking All Integrations, filtering Category = email, and then choosing your ESP from the list.

If you are not, you will have to manually copy and paste your current subscriber lists into Klaviyo. Make an Excel or CSV export file of your current subscribers, then paste or import this list of subscribers into your Klaviyo subscriber database. 

Built-in Klaviyo Integrations

API Integration

If you are familiar with how to use an application programming interface (API) to connect ESPs and CRMs together, you can consider using direct API integration. Check within your current ESP’s back office to see if they have API integration available. 

If so, follow your ESP’s instructions to integrate your data with your Klaviyo account. Here’s a few places you can find instructions on direct API integration from your ESP…

  1. Your current ESP’s back office area. Usually in the Settings or Integrations tab.
  2. The FAQs area of your ESP.
  3. The Help Desk or “Support” area.

Someone within your organization who understands how API integrations work may also be a valuable resource to contact for this task. 

If you do integrate the API connection yourself, you will need to copy your current ESP’s “API key”.  You then go into your Klaviyo back office in the Integrations tab and input the API key you copied. Doing so will automatically connect the two softwares.

Klaviyo Integrations

Klaviyo has many easy-to-follow direct integrations with most popular ESPs and CRMs. Navigate to your Klaviyo back office and check out the integrations tab to discover if they have a connection to automatically integrate with your current ESP.

Your current ESP may provide information or direct integration instructions with Klaviyo as well.

Final Thoughts

Once you’ve integrated your ESP needs fully into your Klaviyo back office, you can quickly begin using Klaviyo for all of your email platform needs. Klaviyo is among the best email service providers available, which means you should have a positive experience using their platform. 

If you have difficulty integrating your current ESP with Klaviyo services, consider hiring a MarketerHire email marketing expert to assist you. 

Jon Weberg
about the author

Jon Weberg is the founder of Profitalize and an experienced growth consultant, specializing in email marketing and omnichannel ROI marketing. Jon has also published two books including "Finally Wealth" and "19".

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