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Become Indispensable to Your Organization by Mastering the Art of Conversion Optimization

November 7, 2022
Marissa Taffer

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Like many industries, marketing has evolved. Now, generating demand or building buzz about your company, product, or service isn't enough. The job of a marketing professional is expanding to include bringing in more dollars as quickly as possible. 

Focusing on Conversion

When talking about how marketing activities align directly with revenue, we’re mostly talking about conversion. By increasing your conversion rates, you’re able to get more paying customers for the same amount of effort. 

Conversion makes your existing marketing skills and campaigns more effective. For example, improving the conversion rate on a paid ad campaign from 1% to 2% means you can generate twice as many customers with the same budget. Becoming fluent in conversion also means you now have clear data to help you better communicate HOW your work is bringing in revenue (and value to the organization). 

Running tests and optimizing your conversion rate used to be hard and technical. Now, it's easy. You can run experiments and optimize based on the results without spending hours coding or sending tickets to an already overloaded development team. 

If you’ve ever wondered how some of the fastest growing companies seem to be exploding overnight, the answer is simple, they are focusing on conversion rate and continuing to see improvements. And you can do this too. Getting started is easy. Mutiny, a no-code AI platform allows you to do it yourself. 

Tactics that Can Help Increase Conversions 

Create and personalize landing pages 

The power of a personalized landing page shouldn’t be underestimated. It can be leveraged for both inbound and outbound marketing efforts. At Notion, Fabien David, a performance marketing manager needed a way to quickly build on the organic momentum the organization was seeing. He wanted to leverage paid advertising to build up Notion’s market share. 

What he learned quickly was that showing the same message to everyone who clicked wasn’t working. With short attention spans, he also knew he couldn’t just add more messaging to the page. The solution? Create a template that can be personalized using the capabilities of Mutiny. 

As Fabien ran more experiments and built up knowledge from analyzing the results he began to test out other formats, including a shorter version of the page that was better suited to convert on mobile. 

Another example of success with personalized landing pages comes from Brex. When they were in hypergrowth mode they were seeing some great results from email marketing. The click through rate for emails their SDR team was sending out was quite good. But, there was one big issue. Many prospects assumed that the product was only for startups so they weren’t converting. By leveraging Mutiny to have prospects click through to a landing page that showed their name and company name on the card, their conversion rate quickly increased. 

The increase in conversion can be attributed directly to personalization. Not only did prospects feel valued because Brex went through the time and effort to create a personalized page and offer for them, but it made it easier to visualize having the product in their name. This campaign was so successful that it increased conversion rates by 60% and those conversions had triple the average contract value of contracts from other marketing efforts. 

Personalize the buying experience based on your customer’s company size

For companies like Sprig which have both small and medium-sized business customers as well as enterprise customers, it's important to understand the differences in how these customers make their purchasing decisions. 

After looking at the buying process for both of these customer types, Sprig’s Director of Growth Marketing, Brynne Burgess made an important distinction. She had SMB prospects onboard directly into a free trial and enterprise prospects start their journey by speaking with a member of Sprig’s sales team. 

This process started with personalization on Sprig’s website. SMB customers (under 150 employees) would see the CTA “Start for Free” while enterprise prospects would see the CTA “Get Started”. Clicking each of these CTA’s would take the user to the appropriate next step in the process. As Brynne and her team focused on getting the copy to support the appropriate user journey, for each customer subset they continued to see improvements in their conversion rate.

Ultimately, by allowing small business customers to start for free and creating a user journey that enabled this through personalization of the journey through Sprig’s website, they saw a 95% lift in conversions. 

Improving your conversion skills 

The best part of conversion marketing is that it compliments your existing marketing skillsets. The four major areas that will help you improve your skillset as a conversion marketer are:

  1. Messaging - Focus on honing your message to resonate with your audience. This includes positioning, creating a brand point of view, and developing the right messaging for each of your ideal customer personas.
  2. Segmentation - Learn how to split your audience into distinct segments for further personalization. Having the ability to personalize your message based on segment will help your message resonate more and lead to higher conversion rates. Learning to sort your audience into the correct segments is a skill in itself and requires some practice.  
  3. Conversion Copywriting - Messaging alone isn’t enough. Conversion copywriting takes your message and adds a powerful call to action that your audience can’t ignore. Really great conversion copywriters are consistently writing, testing, and iterating to increase conversions. 
  4. Testing - Crafting the right tests and iterating based on the results takes practice and skill. Learning from other marketers and case studies is a great place to start, but it's also important to get the hands-on experience of doing it yourself. 

A great place to start learning these skills is through Mutiny’s Conversion LIVE webinar on November 15, 2022 from 1-2PM ET. This free webinar shares frameworks and templates that you can start implementing directly into your work for immediate results, including:

  • A messaging framework to create personalized marketing at scale
  • Why personalization is the key to unlocking higher conversions and growth
  • Case studies of how the fastest-growing companies in the world are using conversion

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about the author

Marissa Taffer holds a BA in corporate communication from Drexel University. She's written and ghostwritten for B2B, B2C and DTC brands with a focus on long-form blog content. Her bylined work can be found in the blogs of RaisinBread, Ollie, Campaign Monitor, and FairyGodboss.

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