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"MarketerHire has been a game-changer for Bloom."

Austen Allred

CEO, Bloom IT

"MarketerHire quickly found us a talented freelancer who was able to self-manage our backlog of initiatives."

Anthony Parascondola

General Manager, HelloFresh

“MarketerHire has found a way to help the freelance marketing community consistently find work with brands that they’re the best for, including us!”

Nick Green

Founder of Thrive Market

"With MarketerHire, you could just bring on one person and test it out. The low-risk experience upfront was very compelling to me."

Drishay Menon

Co-Founder of Bottlecode

"We are obsessed with our freelancer who we found through MarketerHire. She's been one of the best things that has happened to our team."

Corinne Crockett

VP of Marketing at Outer

"With MarketerHire, we were able to hit our high expectations with a seamless, trusted platform that got us the marketers with the credibility we wanted – fast."

Tara Elwell Henning

Co-Founder of Superkin

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1 hr
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Retain clients for
more than 3 months
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