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How iFIT Elevates its Paid Media Strategy with Expert Talent

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Urgent need for expertise amid shift in business strategy

iFIT, a global leader in health and fitness subscription technology, experienced an unexpected stall in its growth and paid media engine when the business strategy shifted, impacting its media agency and internal team. Making the tough decision to let go of their agency, iFIT soon faced a gap in expertise in media buying. However, budget constraints and uncertainty in the market prevented them from hiring full-time employees to fill the need. 

"We were really short staffed from a media buyer perspective, but not in the position to bring full-time heads back into the equation," remarked Nick Kriz, Director of Paid Media.


MarketerHire has a great talent network! We’ve been extremely happy with the marketers that we’ve been matched with.”

Nick Kriz

Director of Paid Media




Expert freelance talent assures a quick and smooth transition

"It was a turnkey experience."

To address the urgent need for senior search and social media buyers, iFIT partnered with MarketerHire to hire two expert freelancers fast. MarketerHire provided senior-level talent on a part-time basis, ensuring iFIT's media team remained appropriately staffed during the transition period. This allowed iFIT to access external expertise quickly without the long-term commitment of hiring full-time employees.

"Another big benefit that I didn’t realize until after, was that the senior marketing talent really stepped up and helped mentor and manage junior employees, sharing their industry knowledge and helping them grow professionally."

The staffing flexibility of MarketerHire's services enabled iFIT to seamlessly integrate external experts, helping to level up overall program operations and performance, while also mentoring junior employees in search and social media management.

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Business continuity and an improved paid media strategy

"MarketerHire helped us through the transition period a lot faster."

MarketerHire's talent facilitated a seamless transition for iFIT, providing essential expertise during a tumultuous period for the business. The senior search and social media buyers contributed to operational efficiency and optimization of media strategies, challenging existing practices and setting up tests for improved performance.

"We weren't in a position to go to finance and go, ‘Hey, I need four FTEs to do this.’ But we did have extra contractor budget we could utilize to get us in a good place fast."

By leveraging MarketerHire's services, iFIT not only saved costs compared to hiring through traditional agencies but also gained access to a unique pool of marketing talent. As the business stabilized, iFIT successfully transitioned some roles in-house, ultimately promoting internal staff while maintaining flexibility for future staffing needs.


MarketerHire was critical to keeping momentum behind our paid media strategy as we adjusted our internal teams and resources.”

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