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Case Study: How Hachimi Yallaoui helps MarketerHire and Organizations Like Yours Grow Through Conversion Optimization

February 2, 2023
Marissa Taffer

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At MarketerHire, since we match the best and brightest marketers with some of the biggest companies, agencies, and fastest-growing startups, it’s important that we also use cutting-edge digital marketing techniques. 

Conversion rate optimization has always been important to us, and we constantly push for ways to improve our buyer experience. The reason conversion is so important is because it makes all your other marketing efforts more effective. By improving your conversion rate from 1% to 2%, you’ll double the amount of new leads in your funnel without spending an extra dollar on marketing.

In a time where many marketing budgets are being cut due to uncertainty in the economy, increasing conversion rates is the fastest way to impact your marketing efforts across all channels.

We connected with one of our in-network growth marketing experts, Hachimi Yallaoui, to hear how he has been improving conversion rates on the MarketerHire website. Hachimi uses Mutiny as his go-to conversion platform to improve the conversion rate on our website. He does this by creating personalized digital experiences based on segmentation. 

Hachimi has helped the team responsible for growth at MarketerHire leverage Mutiny to help us bring value to more organizations. We knew that Mutiny was a powerful tool and we wanted to quickly see a return on our investment in it. 

We chatted with him to learn more about the value he’s getting from Mutiny for our organization and to solicit some lessons he’s learned that you can implement into your company or clients.. 

Leveraging the power of Mutiny: Implementation for MarketerHire 

Hachimi first began using Mutiny on a few of his own freelance projects to create personalized buyer experiences for each person visiting the website. It was through one of these projects that led him to actually creating new personalized experiences for MarketerHire using Mutiny.

Hachimi started by targeting the different  segments of visitors landing on MarketerHire’s website, including B2B, B2C, E-commerce, and Marketplaces. He also began segmenting these groups further based on  user behavior, industry, and acquisition channel (paid ads, organic). 

He and the core team lined up variations of visuals and copy (headlines, key messages) found on a landing page that would be shown to people in each segment. They had made some hypotheses about how to address the unique pain points each faced. Was it around quality, speed, the types of hiring they needed to do, or the types of business challenges they faced? They then drove the appropriate traffic to each set of messages.

What quickly became clear from this work is that the primary value-proposition messages that made the most sense to MarketerHire’s target audiences are about flexibility and speed. 

Our overall key learning: companies that come to MarketerHire have an urgency that can't be solved by typical hiring channels. Building on this messaging theme across all segments ultimately led to an astonishing 51% uplift in conversion. 

Important Considerations to Get Started: 

  1. Have the bandwidth to prioritize conversion optimization - Hachimi was able to provide additional bandwidth so that the MarketerHire product and core marketing teams could focus on other aspects of their roles. 
  2. Align Stakeholders - Before starting to conduct experiments for us, Hachimi knew he needed to align all of the key stakeholders in our organization who would be impacted by his work. Depending on your organization it can also be beneficial to share some of the experiments (and the type of results they can expect) in advance of kicking off a project. 
  3. Clarify the organizational priorities - Running experiments can give you great information but clarifying the organizational priorities and designing the exercises that can help you really move the needle on the key performance indicators can really help you grow quickly.

Not having the bandwidth or alignment from stakeholders and on priorities can be a blocker for fully implementing a conversion strategy. We saw some of this in our own organization and resolving these blockers allows us to iterate faster on our own experiments and drive growth more quickly in our organization.  

How Mutiny Dominates Conversion

While Mutiny isn't the only software in the conversion space, Hachimi has found that it is superior to competitors for two reasons: 

  1. Speed & Agility 

Speed and agility are core to growth marketing. As a growth marketer Hachimi says you learn to implement first and learn later. With Mutiny, once you’ve learned the ropes you can have an experiment running in about two minutes. 

And while speed alone is important, another distinction he draws is that being able to implement experiments so quickly, it changes your level of commitment. If every time you had to run an experiment you had to have a designer and developer make the changes to your code or your website’s copy you would probably need to think a lot longer and harder about which experiments you wanted to run and when. By using Mutiny and being able to set up experiments quickly and without needing a team, you don’t have to invest as much time and labor into running your experiments. You can try something quickly and stop an experiment any time if you aren’t seeing the results you’d hoped for. 

  1. Integration 

Because Mutiny integrates with CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce, you’re able to really personalize the messaging on your site. This is not just customization but true personalization. You can even use people’s names in your message if you want to (but Hachimi notes that this might be creepy). Even without using names, having the ability to speak directly to a person makes your messaging much more powerful. 

Mutiny and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) 

The ability to personalize messaging at scale is critical to account-based marketers. As Hachimi noted, one can integrate Mutiny directly with their CRM, so you’re able to use it to bring your ABM strategy to life more quickly.

Since you’re able to personalize your messaging on one landing page you can tailor messaging much more effectively. In the past, you would have had to design and develop (as well as host) multiple landing pages with unique URLs on your site and direct traffic to these links. Now, with Mutiny, you can create a single page that can be customized in many ways. This also allows you to meet each user where they are on their journey, and visitors don’t need to start at the first step on the landing page. 

For example, if you have a user already in your CRM, and you know they’ve signed up for your newsletter and clicked around certain products on your site, you can show them messaging and products that are most relevant to them - removing additional friction from the buying process! 

Like what you’ve heard about Mutiny and want to get started using it in your organization? MarketerHire has experts like Hachimi who are here to help you. Tell us more about you and your specific needs to get paired with a Mutiny pro in as little as two business days.

about the author

Marissa Taffer holds a BA in corporate communication from Drexel University. She's written and ghostwritten for B2B, B2C and DTC brands with a focus on long-form blog content. Her bylined work can be found in the blogs of RaisinBread, Ollie, Campaign Monitor, and FairyGodboss.

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