How Storybook's Founders

Scale their Business with Expert Marketers

May 22, 2024
4pm ET/1pm PT
Join us as Graceanne MacDonald and Liam Moroney, founders of Storybook Marketing, share their strategic approach to scaling operations by incorporating expert freelancers from MarketerHire. Discover how their decision allowed them to maintain a lean team while expanding capacity and sustaining high-quality services.

Who is this webinar for?

Business leaders, marketing leaders and entrepreneurs looking to strategically scale their operations can learn the differences in mindset between hiring fractional versus full time, when it's time to scale, and how to select the right freelancer.

What you’ll learn.

During this session, Graceanne and Liam will share their journey, highlighting the critical steps and considerations that guided their decision to use fractional talent at Storybook Marketing. 

  • Understand when and why to incorporate freelancers.
  • Learn how to identify marketing functions that can benefit most from freelance expertise.
  • Gain insights into selecting the right freelancers, including criteria evaluation and key questions.
  • Discover best practices for onboarding freelancers and integrating them into existing teams.

Gain valuable insights on how to approach scaling your business, ensuring that growth does not compromise the quality of services. Join us to learn how strategic use of freelancers can be a game-changer in managing and expanding your business effectively and get all your questions answered in our interactive Q&A session.

Liam Moroney
Co-founder, Storybook Marketing
Graceanne MacDonald
Co-founder, Storybook Marketing

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