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How MarketerHire Experts Took Strategica Partners from Zero to Newsletter

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In the fall of 2020, Rebecca Sadwick had a problem. Her firm had half of an email newsletter — the subscriber list — but no newsletter to send them. 

Sadwick, managing partner at go-to-market strategy agency Strategica, had turned to freelance talent platforms like Upwork and Fiverr to source help with similar projects in the past — and it had been a hassle. 

“The ownership [was] really on me to filter through dozens and dozens of seemingly similar candidates,” she told MarketerHire of those experiences.

When she did hire a freelancer through those platforms, the freelancer’s support felt “inconsistent” and “very project-specific.”

She wanted someone more reliable and more senior, who could get a newsletter up and running with minimal hand-holding.

But she definitely wanted a freelancer. “It didn’t make sense from a cost and a time perspective to take on a full-time hire at the time.”


It didn’t make sense from a cost and a time perspective to take on a full-time hire.”

Rebecca Sadwick

Managing Partner


Strategica Partners


When Sadwick first heard about MarketerHire, from an investor, she was struck by the concierge-style matching process. 

Compared to platforms like Upwork, “the workflow was completely inverted.”

She didn’t have to own the search process; instead, her MarketerHire growth manager, Shayne, promptly offered her a few customized candidate recommendations.

She was also drawn to MarketerHire’s freelancer vetting process — one so good, it was earning repeat customers.

“The fact that customers were clearly engaged and coming back was what did it for me,” she said.

In fact, she became one of those people who came back. She worked with Shayne to hire two expert freelancers — first an email marketer; then a content marketer. 

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Both expert freelancers were a hit. The email marketer was “very efficient,” and wrapped up way ahead of schedule.

His project? Optimizing the HubSpot account the Strategica team had been using sporadically for years, so their email list was clean and accessible.

Next came a content marketer so good, she almost struck Sadwick as “overqualified.” 

She created a template for Strategica’s email newsletter “truly five times faster than I could have expected,” Sadwick said.

To start, she brought in outside inspiration to help the team decide on the design, content and tone they wanted for their newsletter.

Then she helped design the banner, craft the copy and create the onboarding experience.

“I had a vision in my mind that she made bigger,” Sadwick said. “She would come up with five new ideas on top of the tactical ones that we had on how to optimize, how to test, etc."

The content marketer even named the newsletter herself: Norm-Breaking Marketing. 

It now goes out monthly, with an average open rate hovering around 50%.

MarketerHire made it possible — and Sadwick said she’d “absolutely” recommend the service to friends. 

“You're consistently the first place I would go.”


You're consistently the first place I would go."

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