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Former Full-Time Email Marketer Increases Income 5X in 10 Months by Freelancing with MarketerHire

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Chris Johnson was happy in his full-time role at, an online home improvement retailer. He spent four years there, building the six-person team that led the entire email marketing program. But when a director he worked well with left for another company and messaged him about a contracting role, he made the leap to full-time freelance. 

Six months later, that freelance role’s hours dropped. It wasn’t paying the bills. 

“I signed a contract with them to work full-time contract, essentially,” Johnson said. “After about six months, the amount of work I was doing dwindled to part-time hours. I figured that at that point, I already had a contracting business; I might as well go and look for other clients.”

Johnson updated his LinkedIn and launched a website –– but few clients came in. He even gave Upwork a try, but it was an “incredible pain.” One problem? The level of freelance surveillance, which Johnson called “Big Brother-y.”  

“Every time you're working for a client, you have to use this screen capture program via Upwork to capture your screen and all the work you're doing for that amount of time you want to claim for that client.”

For freelancers who work with multiple clients and multitask throughout the day, like Johnson, that just doesn’t work.

“I would never recommend Upwork to anyone,” said Johnson.


“Like a lot of people, one of the first things I tried was Upwork, which is an incredible pain. I would never recommend Upwork to anyone. Now, I only use MarketerHire. It’s my main funnel for new clients."

Chris Johnson

Email Marketing Expert

Then, Johnson received a message from a recruiter at MarketerHire. Like Upwork, MarketerHire could help connect him with clients. Unlike Upwork, MarketerHire vetted its freelancers in advance — and trusted the elite 5% that made it onto the platform.

Two weeks later, he had onboarded with MarketerHire and landed his first client. It quickly became his preferred way of onboarding and managing projects. 

“The clients that I have outside of MarketerHire, I can regularly forget to invoice,” Johnson explained. “Just some of that paperwork, back-end stuff... slips my mind with those clients, and I end up sending them four weeks of invoices at once.” 

It’s a pain point that he never runs into with his MarketerHire clients.

“With MarketerHire, I don't even have to think about invoicing,” he said. “I just work. I fill out a timecard. Then there's money in my bank account.”

He appreciated other MarketerHire freelancer tools, too. He uses the built-in calendar tool to alert any prospective new clients about his upcoming availability and leverages MarketerHire’s matching technology to make sure all the prospects he meets can afford his rates. 

“On the MarketerHire backend, I set my desired hourly rate,” Johnson explained. “Then, the platform uses that to match you with clients.”

This means Johnson doesn’t have to spend time negotiating with MarketerHire prospects — if someone can’t afford him, MarketerHire won’t put Johnson in touch with them.


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Less than a year after he first went freelance, Johnson has increased his income 5X, and gets 75% of his clients through MarketerHire.

“MarketerHire is my main funnel,” said Johnson. “I don't think I've ever got any business from my website — I'm terrible at keeping it up.”

On the MarketerHire platform, his niche focus on email marketing and incredible organization help him make an impact for his clients — and he says MarketerHire’s tools help him stay organized. Johnson is also expanding his skillset into SMS marketing, but isn’t ready to advertise that on the platform just yet. The clients he has found through MarketerHire are trusting him to test it out and build. Eventually, he’ll feel comfortable claiming expert status in this new niche, too. 

“I absolutely recommend MarketerHire,” he said. “Freelancing was brand new to me a year ago. I wouldn’t be this successful at it without this platform.”



“I absolutely recommend MarketerHire. Freelancing was brand new to me a year ago. In 10 months, I was able to 5X my income.”

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