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Finding Top Notch Freelance Facebook Marketing Experts

We’ve made it easy to hire great marketers. With pre-vetted talent and expert hand-matching, you can add a proven marketer to your team in less than a week.

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Paid Social Media Marketer
Nick Francis

The marketing industry is crowded with wannabe freelance marketers who call themselves experts, but are they really? The answer is no. So how can you decipher signal from noise, especially if you yourself have limited marketing knowledge? That’s where MarketerHire comes in. Each professional in our network is thoroughly vetted to ensure their expertise is specialized enough to deliver your next marketing project successfully.

Out of the hundreds of freelancers that apply to our network, we accept less than 5% of applicants. The end result? A network of established professionals who take their work as seriously as you do. At the end of the day, incredible freelancers are useful partners in accomplishing your organization’s marketing objectives with the flexibility and reliability you need as a growing business.

freelancer spotlight

Nick scaled $275,000 within 24 hours for Diff Eyewear through paid social, influencers and email.

The top paid social marketers are waiting to take your ROI to the next level.

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Facebook Marketer
Nick Shackelford

Why you need to hire a Facebook marketer

In this day and age, Facebook marketing can play a pivotal role in your company’s success. Particularly if you’re an e-commerce business, the right Facebook marketing strategy can take your company from zero to hero.

Facebook marketing has proven itself to be key for both maintaining and scaling company growth. Without the right strategy on Facebook or other social media platforms for that matter, your company won’t reap the rewards of sustainable growth.

It’s common to think that maximizing Facebook’s efficiency is easy, however that’s far from the case. Without a great social media marketing strategy (and a great facebook marketer), your company will be missing out on a lot of business (and wasting a lot of money).

Also, if you’d like to ditch the strategy of paid social media advertising and instead focus solely on organic growth, hiring the right facebook marketer can help. Your time should be spent on growing the aspects of your business in which you specialize –– not on developing and executing social media strategies that can be better handled by an industry pro.

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Why you should hire freelance Facebook marketing experts and other freelance marketers to meet your organization’s strategic goals

Simply put, freelancers are the dark horse of marketing. We say this because companies like yours may feel compelled to work with a huge agency that tries to reel you in with flashy presentations and big-name clients. However, what seems like a powerhouse firm may actually lack the prowess that you need to succeed.

At best, an agency may develop a great strategy, but that strategy may not be properly executed thanks to under-performing and/or overworked account managers. At worst, your Facebook efforts may be lacking because your company is getting lost amongst the many other clients of the firm. With MarketerHire you don’t have to worry about that. You get individualized attention, strategy, and execution.

Not to mention, hiring freelance Facebook marketing experts means that you’re getting highly skilled professionals specializing in the exact area of expertise you need to improve your business. In fact, many marketing heavyweights are freelance because they are so good at what they do. As freelancers, they can take on whichever clients they want at whatever time(s) they want. This combination of expertise, flexibility, and partnership is what makes hiring MarketerHire professionals so worthwhile.

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Marketerhire is the best place to find and hire freelance Facebook marketing experts

Working with freelancers in the MarketerHire network means working with the best of the best. Therefore, it’s only natural that you’d want to hire a strategic marketing expert who is in-tune with the latest and greatest marketing strategies that will take your Facebook game to a new level.

MarketerHire recruits the best freelance marketers across every category and makes it insanely easy for you to hire them. We take the headache out of hiring for freelance projects with pre-vetted, personalized matching. Save time, money, and energy by connecting with an expert marketer you can trust in 48 hours, knowing they’ve been handpicked for your specific project.

Unlike other freelance platforms with lackluster marketers, we remove the time investment of sourcing, vetting, and hiring top freelance marketers, along with the risk of investing energy and money only to have a freelance project go south. With MarketerHire, you’re guaranteed to be matched with an expert who can execute — and benefit from flexible billing, transparent pricing, and a rematch if you’re unsatisfied. Plus, you get personalized support before and throughout the project to ensure your needs are met.

We have full confidence in our freelancers thanks to our strict vetting process. Through recruitment, in-depth reviews of applicants’ stated skill sets, video interviews, and test projects, we can assure you that you’ll receive excellent freelancer performance throughout the duration of your partnership.

Paid Social Media Marketer
Matt Wakim
freelancer spotlight

Matt spearheaded the Facebook marketing for WUDN

The top paid social marketers are waiting to take your ROI to the next level.

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Freelance marketing professionals improve your bottom line

Clients often save between three to five times as much money as they would if they hired a marketing agency. Why pay agency prices when you can get the same (or better!) service with one of our freelance Facebook marketing experts?

Beyond the obvious cost savings, there are also time savings. Since we match most of our clients with well-equipped freelancers within just 48 hours, you don’t need to spend hours upon hours reviewing long-winded agency proposals or going back and forth with mediocre freelancers on gig-based websites. Since time is money, we’re here to save you both.

Our Merciless Vetting Process

Hundreds of marketers apply to MarketerHire each month. We accept less than 5%.

How We Vet

We make hiring freelance Facebook marketing experts insanely easy

There’s no need to deal with large marketing firms, long lead times, and tons of obstacles. When utilizing professionals from MarketerHire, you can collaborate one-on-one with a marketing professional to ensure that your exact needs are met.

Don’t waste your time using a run-of-the-mill freelance farm. You may spend hours of valuable time scouting and negotiating with underqualified and/or underperforming freelancers on other sites. If you need to execute quickly with reliable talent and flexible pricing, MarketerHire is for you. We are a full-service network connecting you with the exact freelancer(s) you are looking for. The marketing industry is complex and ever-changing and any ‘ole freelancer just won’t do. Trust the professionals in MarketerHire’s network to accomplish your marketing goals with unmatched skill and expediency.

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