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Sophia Eng

Growth marketing has become increasingly popular over the last ten years, and rightly so. With hundreds of thousands of new businesses starting in the US every year, the noise is loud and the competition is fierce. Traditional “set it and forget it” marketing tactics no longer work. While marketers used to focus solely on awareness and acquisition, what’s necessary to succeed today is a strategy – and an expert – that takes the entire funnel into account. Enter: the growth marketer.

True growth marketing experts know how to optimize the entire marketing funnel for maximum growth, from awareness all the way through to retention. Sounds like a hard set of skills to find, right? They are. As the demand for growth marketing experts increases, so does the amount of marketers who claim they have the chops to execute. That’s why MarketerHire accepts less than 5% of applicants to our expert freelance marketing network and why we rigorously pre-vet any freelance growth marketer before placing them on a project.

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Trevor implemented a first/last touch marketing attribution at Shopify Plus to track performance of 100,000 leads.

In less than 48 hours, an expert growth marketer could be on your team.

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Growth Marketer
Trevor Sookraj

Growth marketing is critical today for business success

Growth marketing enables businesses to focus on the most important channels and opportunities that will unlock growth the fastest. Given the amount of competition on and offline, honing in on what will actually drive growth for your specific business rather than following dated marketing best practices is critical to cutting through the noise and finding success.

Growth marketing is often referred to as “growth hacking” because its sole focus is quick and builds sustainable growth. This special breed of data-driven marketing requires marketers to look for the root causes blocking growth across the funnel and optimize the relevant variables.

If you launch a product and people seem to like it, that’s great – you know it works. Scaling that growth is another beast though, and it’s essential for your business’ longevity. That’s where growth marketing comes in. Today, customers need to be reminded about your product or service constantly, but in a strategic way. Growth marketing looks at your website or product and works to create relevant “pushes” (i.e. an email or a social media ad) to get prospective and current customers to take certain actions that drive your business forward.

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The skills every great growth marketer should have

Growth goes beyond lead acquisition, so growth marketers need to be able to execute across the entire funnel. If your business has a problem with churn, a great growth marketer will fix that leaky bucket before putting more resources towards acquiring new leads. Here are some of the top skills every growth marketer should have:

  • Marketing: this is a no brainer, but growth marketers need to have widespread knowledge of general marketing channels and are likely experts in one or two of them.
  • Data analysis: growth marketers know how to make sense of data so that it’s actionable. They can describe what the data shows and think critically about it.
  • Quantitative modeling: not only can they analyze data, but they can look at historical numbers like organic traffic and build a model to forecast growth or identify whether an opportunity is worth pursuing.
  • Experimental process: they follow the scientific method and come up with a hypothesis, test it, discern findings, and determine next steps.
  • Paid media expertise: growth marketing experts have black belts in channels like SEM, Facebook, Instagram, and other popular paid social media platforms. They know how to use those channels to drive quality traffic to websites, landing pages, and key pieces of content.
  • Funnel optimization: growth hackers are experts in the customer journey and can identify specific hurdles along it in which users to drop off (blocking growth). With this knowledge, they’re able to test different things and optimize the funnel until it runs like a well-oiled machine.

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When you should hire a growth marketer

If you’re unsure about your strategy or looking for an audit of the marketing being done for your business in house or by an agency, bringing in a growth marketer would be a wise next-step. With their expertise, growth marketers can look at your business and marketing activities from a holistic perspective and help you figure out what to stop, tweak, or double-down on in your strategy. If you have serious growth goals but can’t tell for yourself if the marketing strategies and tactics being implemented are setting you up to reach those goals, it’s time to bring in a growth marketing expert.

Alternatively, if you’re simply looking for new creative marketing strategies to test, that’s what growth marketers do best. Hiring them as a strategic partner to help shape, inform, or up-level your marketing strategy is a surefire way to improve your conversion rate and bottom line.

Growth Marketer
Niall Weintraub
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Niall grew People Media from $5MM/year in revenue to almost $30MM at 70-90% ROI.

In less than 48 hours, an expert growth marketer could be on your team.

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Hiring a growth marketer will supercharge your business

Understanding and working with data is critical to unlocking growth, and true growth marketers are ninjas at leveraging data to make strategic decisions. Unlike other types of marketers, growth marketers are hyper-focused on attracting customers that are going to stick around.

Attracting engaged customers requires a thoughtful strategy though, and growth marketers are often the linchpin to pull one together, taking the entire funnel and business into consideration. They dig deep to find the exact target audience they need, going beyond traditional demographics. Their job is to think outside the box, finding overlooked distribution channels or creative strategies to conversion that other marketers wouldn’t think about to help make campaigns successful.

As Sean Ellis, CEO of and early growth marketing hire at Dropbox said, “a growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth”.

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Why hiring a freelance growth marketing expert is smarter

Making a full-time hire is risky and time-consuming. If you’re not a growth marketing expert yourself, you can easily make the wrong hire and cost your business thousands, if not more. Some people know this, and so they look to (expensive) agencies to meet their growth needs instead. What most people don’t know (but we at MarketerHire do, because we’ve been in the agency business) is that agencies tend to over promise and underdeliver, but with a hefty price tag.

Agencies tend to flash fancy presentations and big-name clients, but behind the scenes they may lack the specific skills you need for your unique project. In reality, agencies often hire freelancers themselves to meet client demands, but mark up the freelancer’s services astronomically, which serves the agency well, but not the client (you) or the underpaid freelancer on the other end. On top of that, it’s a well known fact that account managers at agencies are overworked, juggling a slew of clients, so the odds of your needs being placed front and center are bleak.

Hiring a freelance growth marketing expert means you get someone who is extremely skilled in this particular niche, without the time and money risk of making a full-time hire and without the hefty middle-man price tags or common lackluster results that come with agencies. You get to work with a growth marketing expert flexibly, which is what most businesses today need. Plus, the best growth marketers know they’re amazing at what they do and value the flexibility and autonomy of freelance work. That’s is why the top freelance growth marketers are a part of MarketerHire’s network.

Need a growth hacker? MarketerHire is the best place to hire expert freelance growth marketers

MarketerHire is the best place to find and hire freelance growth marketing experts. We accept less than 5% of applicants, and as marketers ourselves, we put every applicant through a rigorous multi-step vetting process, testing their experience, skills, and expertise against the latest and greatest marketing strategies to ensure the businesses we match them with reach their growth goals.

Clients often save between three to five times as much money as they would if they hired a marketing agency. Why pay agency prices when you can get higher quality service and personalized support with one of our freelance growth marketing experts?

Don’t waste your time using a run-of-the-mill freelance farm. You could spend hours scouting and negotiating with underqualified and/or underperforming freelancers on other sites. If you need to execute on your growth goals quickly with reliable talent and flexible pricing, MarketerHire is for you. We are a full-service network connecting you with the exact freelancer(s) you’re looking for. The marketing industry is complex and ever-changing and any ‘ole freelancer won’t do.

MarketerHire makes it insanely easy to fill your growth marketing jobs

MarketerHire recruits the best growth marketers and makes it insanely easy for you to hire them. We take the headache out of hiring for freelance projects with pre-vetted, personalized matching. Connect a growth marketing expert you can trust in 48 hours, knowing they’ve been handpicked for your specific project so you can accomplish your growth goals.

Unlike other freelance platforms with lackluster marketers, we remove the time investment of sourcing, vetting, and hiring top freelance growth marketers, along with the risk of investing energy and money only to have a freelance project go south. With MarketerHire, you’re guaranteed to be matched with an expert who can execute — and benefit from flexible billing, transparent pricing, and a rematch if you’re unsatisfied. Plus, you get personalized support before and throughout the project to ensure your needs are met.

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