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Brent Bradley

When social media and content marketing were having their moment a few years ago, people started saying that email was dead. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Even with the development of multi-channel marketing, email is still the most effective way to engage with prospects and customers. That’s why every successful company has their own list of subscribers.

So what makes email so great? It’s the best way to consistently keep in touch with your audience. Whether you want to let your subscribers know about a new product, event, promotion, or simply nurture your relationship with valuable content, it’s the best way to let your prospects and customers know what’s going on in your business.

The trouble is that finding a true expert in this vertical of marketing can be tricky. Depending on your goals, industry, the stage of your business, or the data and email marketing software you’re currently working with, you’ll likely need a different strategy with different tactics than the next company. That’s why finding a marketer who knows how to do email marketing for your specific business is difficult to source and hire for. Luckily, that’s where MarketerHire comes in. As veteran marketers ourselves, we vet for the latest and greatest skills, tactics, and industry expertise before admitting a freelance email marketing manager to our expert network.

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Chase grew The Discoverer, an email travel series, from 0 to 500K email subscribers in 10 months.

Top email marketing talent- without the job postings, interviews, and headaches.

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Chase Dimond

Grow your business with an email marketing strategy

Today, almost everyone has an email address. In fact, you can’t use many platforms without verifying yourself first with an email address. That’s why it’s no surprise that Pew Research shows 92% of adults in the U.S. alone use email, and most of them check it every single day. This makes email a massive opportunity for businesses to reach their target market. By adding email to your marketing strategy, you can improve your business’ reach, visibility, and build trust among current and potential customers. The best part? It’s one of the most cost-effective strategies.

Once you’ve invested in the right email marketing software and strategy for your business, you can automate it to work for you while you sleep. Other marketing strategies don’t typically work so well on autopilot and require frequent upkeep to remain relevant. If done well, an email marketing strategy can run automatically for months, so you can focus on other important things in your business. It’s this automation, based on a predetermined strategy, that actually ensures your email marketing campaigns are delivered in a timely and effective way, improving your customer journey, experience, and eventually, your bottom line.

Another reason email marketing is so great is it allows for incredible personalization. Aside from being able to communicate with people on a first-name basis, you can segment your email marketing campaigns to share different pieces of information depending on where the subscriber is in their customer journey, delivering highly relevant content to increase your conversion or engagement rate. One of the best things about this is that email marketing software makes it very easy to quickly see and measure your email marketing efforts, while other channels might require you to sift through more data and piece it together to get the full picture.

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The skills every great email marketing manager should have

If you’re looking for someone to provide email marketing services for your business, it’s important you don’t just hire any old marketer. There are certain skills every great email marketing manager should have, and MarketerHire vets for all of them. Here’s are some of the most important ones we screen for:

  • A/B testing skills: A/B testing your subject lines and email copy is key to ensuring your campaigns have the best open and click-through rates. These metrics help you figure out what your subscribers like and what you should do more of to increase engagement.
  • Copywriting chops: one of the most important skills for an email marketing manager is knowing how to write copy that converts. All the segmentation and automation in the world won’t save you from bad copywriting.
  • Segmentation, automation and tool integration know-how: understanding how to segment your lists and deliver relevant drip campaigns based on data (sometimes pulled from other tools or platforms) is critical to creating a well-oiled nurture machine that converts.
  • Customer journey knowledge: email marketing managers need to have a good understanding of the customer journey. Understanding where prospects or customers are in the funnel and what they need to create to move subscribers further down the funnel or increase retention is a key component of email marketing.
  • Retention skills: knowing what drip campaigns to build and what content to write to retain subscribers and customers is really important for email marketers. If your campaigns are getting a bunch of unsubscribes every time or your customers aren’t seeing the value in your emails about newly released product features or compelling case studies, it can really hurt your business. Email is one of the most important touch-points with customers, letting them know about new things in your company or product. If subscribers aren’t reading and engaging with them, you’ve got a problem.

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When it’s time to invest in email marketing services

An email marketing strategy is absolutely critical for the longevity of your business, so investing in email marketing early is key. While other paid channels might help you grow faster, you need a strategy in place to nurture those leads once they convert on your ads or content – and that’s where a strong email marketing campaign comes in.

Whether you’re focused on nurturing leads, keeping current customers engaged, or even upselling them on bigger or newer offers, email is the best marketing tool to make sure all the resources you’re investing to acquire leads or customers don’t go to waste. By inserting them into an (automated) email marketing campaign or nurture funnel with relevant content, you can keep your business, services, or products, top of mind for your audience.

Even more importantly, you’re operating on rented land when you use social platforms like Facebook to grow your business or engage with your target market. You don’t own the data or the platform. Once you capture someone’s email address though (through a paid ad, a free resource, or otherwise) that data becomes yours. That means that no matter what platform changes or algorithm tweaks social media companies or Google make, you have a direct channel to communicate with your leads and customers at no additional cost.

Email Marketer
Ellie Stamouli
freelancer spotlight

Ellie delivered 20% of the total revenue for Ghost Democracy through email, with an open rate of 55% and CTR of 10%.

Top email marketing talent- without the job postings, interviews, and headaches.

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Why you need to hire a freelance email marketing manager

If you’re not leveraging email to grow your business, investing in a freelance email marketing manager is one of the smartest things you can do for your business. If you have no one in-house helping you with email, sourcing and hiring someone full-time with the expertise you need could be a time-intensive and expensive endeavor. Especially if you’re not an email marketing expert yourself, you run the risk of bringing on the wrong person only to find out months later after a lot of wasted time and money.

On the other hand, if you do have someone in-house whose been trying to tackle your email marketing strategy, hiring an expert freelancer to come on as a partner who understands the complexities of email as well as the stage and circumstances of your business will likely improve your email marketing efforts significantly. They can look as your business and email marketing strategy from a holistic level and work collaboratively with any other marketers you have in house to execute a strategy that will help you reach your goals.

Alternatively, if you’ve hired an agency to provide email marketing services and you’re not sure if you’re getting the most bang for your buck, bringing in a freelance email marketing manager to review and optimize your strategy based on your goals would cost a fraction of what you pay those “fancy” firms but would give you a third party perspective as well as the flexibility you need in terms of price and work to be done. As mentioned earlier, if you implement your email marketing strategy effectively, it could run well for several months. Working with a freelance email marketing manager means they could come in every few months, realign your strategy, help educate anyone in-house, and then return if/when needed rather than keeping an expensive agency on retainer.

Our Merciless Vetting Process

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How We Vet

Need email marketing services? MarketerHire is the best place to hire expert freelancers to execute your email marketing strategy.

There are plenty of run-of-the-mill freelance platforms with marketers who claim to be email marketing experts, but as freelancing becomes ever-more popular, so does purporting to be an expert in a particular vertical (when you’re not) to land more work. That’s why MarketerHire accepts less than 5% of applicants to our expert network. The truth is, the best freelancers know they’re amazing at what they do and don’t bother with low-grade freelance platforms. If you’re looking for top tier talent, you’ll find those experts on MarketerHire.

As marketing experts ourselves, we put all our freelance email marketing manager applicants through a rigorous vetting process. From video interviews, test projects, and reviewing past experience and results, we screen for the very best and have full confidence any freelancer we match you with will be able to execute your email marketing strategy quickly and effectively.

We take the tedious and overwhelming process of vetting talent off your hands and pair you with a freelance marketer who has the chops to up-level your email marketing campaigns and provide email marketing services that generate results.

MarketerHire makes hiring a freelance email marketing manager easy so you can implement your email marketing strategy swiftly.

MarketerHire makes it insanely easy to hire an expert freelancer for your next marketing project. We match you with an expert within 48 hours so you can kickoff your work together quickly and implement your strategy swiftly.

All of our experts are handpicked by us for every project, so you can rest assured they’ll be able to deliver. Remove the upfront time, money, and energy investment of sourcing top talent and leave that to us by working with one of our freelance email marketing managers. You’ll benefit from flexible and transparent pricing, as well as a rematch if for any reason you’re unsatisfied with your results. On top of that, one of our account managers will provide you with personalized support throughout your project to ensure your needs are met.

Clients of ours typically save between three to five times as much money as they would if they hired a traditional firm. Don’t waste time negotiating price, vetting proposals from agencies, or interviewing full-time candidates hoping the person you actually hire will be able to execute when you can get reliable service with one of our freelance email managers. If you need to execute quickly with reliable talent and flexible pricing, MarketerHire is for you. We are a full-service network that will match you with the expert freelancer you are looking for.

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