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Molly Dimick

Over the last ten years, content marketing has proven to be one of the most powerful ways businesses can acquire, nurture, convert, and retain customers. Its success has pushed almost every business to ramp up their content marketing strategy and execution, causing a lot of noise online. This saturation of content requires content marketers to continuously up-level their skills in order to drive results. What worked even a few years ago no longer works, and it’s become increasingly difficult to tell which content marketers actually have the chops to plan and execute a content strategy that moves the needle for businesses.

Being a good writer is simply not enough, yet too many businesses make this rookie mistake when hiring a content marketing manager. Content marketers need to have a myriad of skills around strategy, execution, design, analysis, and optimization. Luckily, that’s where MarketerHire comes in. We pre-vet every freelance content marketing consultant in our network to ensure they have the experience and expertise to build a well-oiled content machine.

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Sabrina created engaging, entertaining copy to boost SEO for new beauty brand Ghost Democracy.

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Content Marketer
Sabrina Weiss

Why content marketing is critical for business success

Content is the backbone of digital marketing. Without it, search engines would have nothing to crawl, ads would have nothing to direct clicks to, and customers would have nothing to engage with when searching for answers to their problems. The thing is, content marketing isn’t just about creating content for audiences to consume. It’s actually the best way for businesses to learn more about their prospects, customers, and what they want. By analyzing what performs well, content marketers can understand their customers better, iterate, and build a content machine that accounts for every part of the customer journey.

Acquiring new leads is key for every business, and content marketing is one of the best ways to do this. By creating free guides, e-books, webinars, or white papers, business can offer answers to prospects’ questions and get their email addresses in exchange for the content. Businesses can then nurture those leads with quality emails and educate prospects about the services or products the business offers, eventually driving them to take action and become a customer.

With all the resources that get invested into acquiring a new customer, you better believe savvy businesses will do everything they can to keep them. Luckily, content marketing is a fantastic way to engage with current customers, build trust, and wow them with your updates, insights, and how-to guides. Aside from delivering quality services or products, businesses can use content marketing to continuously educate customers and increase their retention rate.

Apart from user acquisition and retention, content marketing is also the best way for businesses to position themselves as industry leaders via thought leadership. Writing thought provoking or head-turning articles, publishing reports, and offering new insights or perspectives allows even the newest businesses to flex their muscles and show their audience that they know what they’re talking about. This leads to brand recognition and trust, all of which support customer growth and help businesses improve their bottom line.

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The skills every great content marketer should have

Great content marketers know how to plan and produce content successfully, promote it properly, and analyze it effectively. From there, they can figure out which pieces to amplify, what to write more of, and create a content machine that acquires, nurtures, converts, and retains customers. Here are a few of the skills every content marketer should have (all of which MarketerHire vets for):

  • Epic copywriting skills: proper grammar and sentence structure is non-negotiable, but so is storytelling that’s entertaining and threaded with data. If people get bored, they won’t read your content.
  • Journalistic-level research skills: writing something with no unique point of view or perspective won’t get people to respect your brand or read your content. Being able to dig into some research and come up with interesting insights to share with your audience is key for content marketing managers.
  • Data and analysis chops: being a good writer is great, but content marketers need to know how to use data to understand what pieces are working (aka driving traffic or engagement) and which are falling flat so they can iterate their content calendar to focus on what works.
  • Project management prowess: creating a content strategy, working cross-functionally with other marketers, managing a content calendar, collaborating on wider company campaigns — the list goes on. Content marketers are master project managers.
  • Inbound marketing expertise: understanding how content, SEO, and social media work to bring in leads and how to effectively nurture those prospects with smart marketing automation like nurture campaigns is key in building a content machine. Nurture campaigns lead to more conversions while timely, relevant content leads to more engaged customers and higher retention rates. All of this means content marketers need to know the customer journey like the back of their hand.

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When and how to hire content marketers

Investing in content marketing is something businesses should be doing from the get go. If you don’t have someone driving your content marketing strategy then you’re missing out on all the SEO, social media, and email marketing opportunities to grow your business, all of which are built upon good content. The trouble is, finding a top notch content marketer is tough. There are loads of people who can write well, but finding someone who truly understands the ins and outs of content marketing and how to lean into your specific business goals and create a strategy to meet them is no small feat.

If you haven’t invested in content marketing yet, or you’re not sure if what you’re currently doing is working or optimized for success and your long-term goals, bringing in an expert content marketer is literally one of the best things you can do for your business. But, just any ol’ content marketer won’t do – you need the very best for the job given all the content saturation and noise online. That’s why MarketerHire puts all our freelance content marketing consultants through a rigorous vetting process. Here’s how we (and how you should) do it:

  • 1. Get some writing samples: after a candidate applies to our network and we vet their experience, we request several writing samples. We want to see how well they write, how they leverage data in their storytelling, and how they use visuals to amplify the point they’re trying to make.
  • 2. Assign a writing exercise: it’s great to look at past pieces, but seeing how a content marketer takes a topic and runs with it is a fantastic way to assess their creativity, research skills, and storytelling muscles. Especially if your company has a certain tone or brand voice, you want to make sure your content marketer can hone in on it.
  • 3. Ask powerful questions: you might’ve established they’re a good writer, but you need to establish their ability to build and execute effective strategies, manage multiple projects, and dig into their perspective on what makes content excellent (and how they ensure each piece of content they produce is excellent). We dig into these nitty gritty details.
  • 4. Dot your i's and cross your t's: to make sure they’re truly a good fit with the chops to execute, asking about how they typically do user research, content ideation, content promotion, and how they leverage analytics to make decisions is important in figuring out if they actually understand the entire content marketing process.
Content Marketer
Jay Blades
freelancer spotlight

Jay developed a content strategy for DailyCandy, increasing production by 286% and pageviews by 113%.

Expert content writers ready to shine, in less than 48 hours.

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Why hiring a freelance content marketing consultant is smarter

Here’s the thing: making a full-time hire is a time intensive, risky affair. That’s the cold hard truth, and here’s why: if you’re not a content marketing expert yourself, it’s really tough to vet talent properly. Reading some writing samples from an applicant is not enough information to see if they can actually plan and execute a strong content strategy to drive your business forward. If you’re not well versed in content marketing, it’s really easy to gloss over questions and not dig into answers. What ends up happening is you spend a lot of time and money trying to make the right hire, only to find out a few months in that it’s not the right fit. Not only have you wasted resources, but there is some serious opportunity cost associated with that.

Alternatively, you could outsource your content marketing to a marketing firm, but there’s a dark side to agency work. First of all, it’s no secret that the agency model doesn’t work well. Account managers are overworked and agencies juggle a slew of clients, all of which is a recipe for lackluster results for your business. When you are one of many at a busy firm, the odds of your needs and priorities being front and center are slim. Aside from that, agencies charge exorbitant fees. Expensive monthly retainers can weigh heavy on businesses that are still finding their footing in the market. What’s even more shocking is that agencies often hire freelancers themselves to meet client demands. They mark up freelancing fees which businesses eat, freelancers lose, and agencies sit on.

If you need to kickoff your content marketing strategy quickly with flexible pricing, working with a freelance content marketing consultant is the best way to do it. It’s no secret that freelancers are the dark horse of marketing. They’re skilled in specific verticals of marketing and can help you with your specific challenges efficiently and effectively, with results that are worth far more than the price tag. With digital marketing in constant flux, you need true experts to help you succeed. As things move faster and become more complicated, it makes more sense to hire freelancers with niche expertise for specific projects rather than commit to someone full-time or outsource to agencies with pricey retainers so you can have the flexibility you need.

Our Merciless Vetting Process

Hundreds of marketers apply to MarketerHire each month. We accept less than 5%.

How We Vet

Need to hire a content marketer? Marketerhire is the best place to find freelance content marketing experts.

MarketerHire accept less than 5% of applicants, making it the best place place to find and hire best-in-class freelance content marketing experts. As veteran marketers ourselves, we know what to look for when vetting talent and put every applicant through a rigorous multi-step vetting process. That’s why we’re confident any freelance content marketer we place on a project will be able to execute effectively and efficiently.

The truth is, the best freelance content marketing consultants know they’re great at what they do. That’s why you won’t find them looking for freelance content marketing jobs on any of those run-of-the-mill freelance sites. They don’t chase work, work comes to them. That’s why they’re a part of our expert network and why you can find and hire top talent on MarketerHire. Since we only accept the very best, we treat our freelancers to quality projects and reliable payment. As a result, we continue to attract all-star players with experience from leading companies.

Don’t waste time using a run-of-the-mill freelance farm. If you need to execute on your content marketing goals quickly with reliable talent and flexible pricing, MarketerHire is for you. We are a full-service network connecting you with the exact freelancer(s) you’re looking for. The marketing industry is complex and ever-changing and any ‘ole freelancer won’t do.

MarketerHire makes it insanely easy to hire a freelance content marketing consultant quickly.

Not only does MarketerHire have the best talent, but we’ll match you with a freelance marketer within 48 hours. Based on your business and the project at hand, we’ll match you with the best candidate for the job so you can kick off your work together right away. Instead of investing loads of resourcing trying to make the right full-time hire or vetting agency proposals, you can work with an expert freelance content marketer from our network to meet your content marketing goals.

The best part? Businesses who choose to work with MarketerHire often save between three to five times as much money as they would if they hired a marketing agency. Why pay agency prices when you can get higher quality service and personalized support with one of our freelance content marketing consultants? You’ll also be supported by one of our account managers throughout the process to ensure your needs are met before, during, and after your project.

If you’re ready to kick your content marketing into high gear, it’s time to work with a freelance content marketer from our expert network to plan and execute your content strategy so you can smash your goals.

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