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Fill your Chief Marketing Officer jobs with freelance marketing veterans from MarketerHire

We’ve made it easy to hire great marketers. With pre-vetted talent and expert hand-matching, you can add a proven marketer to your team in less than a week.

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Chief Marketing Officer
Haris Memon

The chief marketing officer (CMO) is a key role at any company and one of the main positions responsible for driving growth. They’re accountable for increasing the business’ user base or customers, increasing revenue and profits, driving engagement and retention, as well as leading creative, brand, and communication strategies — it’s a lot. Given the breadth of expertise that’s needed to be successful at the chief marketing officer job, companies should be extra cautious when searching for an “expert” to fill the role. Plenty of marketers out there claim to be CMO material when in reality, they’re posturing at best.

Luckily, that’s where MarketerHire comes in. Our expert network is filled with top-notch freelance marketers across every vertical – including marketing veterans who have what it takes to act as an interim-CMO. We rigorously pre-vet everyone who applies to our network, so you can rest assured that they’ll be able to execute their chief marketing officer responsibilities efficiently and effectively.

freelancer spotlight

Patrick grew Theragun’s monthly DTC revenue by 400% by using performance marketing and revenue model innovation.

Hiring a superstar CMO has never been easier.

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Chief Marketing Officer
Patrick Pan

Why your company needs a CMO or director of marketing

There are a myriad of marketing functions your company could be focusing on to grow. With so many strategies, tactics, and channels to consider, coming up with a holistic approach to growth that takes into account the stage and industry of a business is key. It’s a complex job to say the least, which is precisely why companies hire CMOs or directors of marketing to craft and execute these intricate marketing strategies. Understanding your market, your customers, and how to position your business early will pay dividends for months and years to come. Why? Because marketing takes time. You can’t plant the seeds today and expect to reap the fruit tomorrow. That’s why the sooner you start, the better off you’ll be.

Figuring out how to reach, acquire, and retain customers is the number one goal for businesses, (and what a chief marketing officer’s responsibilities are), yet many companies hold off on hiring a leader or director of marketing until things reach a frantic state. Not only does this end up costing you more by attempting to turn your ship around quickly, but there’s a significant opportunity cost associated with waiting to bring on a marketing leader. If you’re not a marketing expert yourself, the truth is you’re probably missing out on a lot of opportunities a CMO or director of marketing would spot.

With the proper guidance, direction, and strategies to meet your goals, your business will make the return on its marketing investment and then some. But it all starts with bringing on the right talent to assess where you’re at and help you move toward where you need to go.

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What are a chief marketing officer’s responsibilities?

Depending on who you ask, you’ll get different answers around what a chief marketing officer’s responsibilities are. The director of marketing or CMO position differs depending on the business’ stage, its industry, and its goals. For example, someone who’s been a great CMO at a B2B company is rarely the right fit for a B2C company because the marketing challenges in those verticals are different. Nevertheless, here’s a breakdown of the key skills you should look for in any CMO (all of which MarketerHire vets for):

  • Lead generation: understanding user acquisition across multiple channels like SEM, SEO, and how to leverage content creation to generate leads are critical skills and a big part of the chief marketing officer job.
  • Retention & engagement: figuring out how to keep the customers you already have through creative engagement strategies built on solid messaging and retargeting campaigns are important, along with expertise in improving the customer experience overall are necessary chops for the CMO position.
  • MarCom: AKA marketing communications, MarCom involves storytelling, setting the company narrative, and working with the media to raise awareness, all of which are important skills for a marketing leader.
  • Brand positioning: strong CMOs or directors of marketing should be able to define what the brand is and isn’t. This also involves some competitive analysis and continually refining the company’s/product’s positioning with customer and market feedback.
  • Research & Analytics: good marketing is built on data, so chief marketing officer responsibilities include developing informed points of view on what the data is showing, researching trends, and executing strategies based on them.

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When you should hire a CMO or director of marketing

Deciding when to bring on a CMO or director of marketing is a decision many businesses rumble with and there are a few scenarios in which a company might be looking to make this key hire. All in all, this person can come in and work to set a strategy with tactics to meet your business’ goals and really take your company from zero to hero.

If you’re just starting out and have no idea where to begin, a CMO or director of marketing can really help you with the initial — and critical — steps of acquiring users and growing your business. They can help clarify your brand positioning, messaging, who your target customers are and how to reach them, and user acquisition strategies and tactics grounded in research and analytics to name a few.

On the other hand, if you’ve tried to handle marketing on your own only to realize after several attempts (and even months) of not moving the needle that you need support, bringing in a marketing leader can help keep your ship afloat. This person can assess your lead generation tactics to date and provide new ways to acquire target customers and retain them. Or, maybe your problem lies in the realm of marketing communication and storytelling. A chief marketing officer’s responsibilities are in part, driving a company’s narrative, working with the media, and making sure prospects understand how the brand is different.

Finally, even if your company is more mature but struggles with issues around retention and engagement, hiring a CMO will bring fresh eyes to your problems. They can help you figure out how to keep the customers you already have through creative and targeted email campaigns, in-app messages, retargeting campaigns, and even events.

Chief Marketing Officer
Jonathan Howard
freelancer spotlight

Jonathan is integral to the growth team at that launched new category offerings now worth over $10M.

Hiring a superstar CMO has never been easier.

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Why hiring a freelance chief marketing officer is smarter

Hiring a CMO or director of marketing is a tricky business. They are very important roles that can make or break a company. That being said, if you’re not a marketing expert you shouldn’t be sourcing or vetting marketing talent – too many things can go wrong.

Aside from that, a full-time CMO salary is big cost to your business, not considering the equity you may give up. Looking for the right person takes a lot of time and energy, all of which young businesses don’t have much of. To invest all these resources trying to find and hire a CMO when you can’t guarantee they’ll even be able to execute effectively is a massive risk to take on.

Many businesses understand this, so they outsource marketing activities to agencies. They know their time is better spent focusing on what they do best and opt to hand off that part of their business to a marketing firm. The trouble with this option is, agencies are juggling a slew of clients with overworked account managers. Especially if you’re not a massive client for them, the odds of your needs being front and center are slim. This leads to lackluster results, but with a hefty price tag. Agencies require expensive retainers, but the dirty secret is firms often hire freelancers themselves to deliver client work. The end result? Astronomically marked up freelancer fees which businesses eat, freelancers lose, and agencies sit on.

Historically, businesses were in a tight spot. Either go down the full-time hire route and all the time and money it risks, or pay exorbitant fees to agencies. In reality, freelancers are the dark horse of marketing, but businesses have been wary of them because of the low-grade freelance farms that exist today. Finding high quality and reliable talent on those sites has its own set of challenges – until MarketerHire. MarketerHire’s expert network of experienced marketers go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure they have the skills and experience to execute swiftly and effectively. That means businesses get quality talent, but with the budget flexibility businesses need that freelance work provides.

Our Merciless Vetting Process

Hundreds of marketers apply to MarketerHire each month. We accept less than 5%.

How We Vet

Looking for a freelance CMO? MarketerHire is the best place to fill your director of marketing or cmo position.

MarketerHire recruits the best and brightest freelance marketers across every category and makes it insanely easy for you to hire them. Out of the hundreds of freelancers that apply to our network, we accept less than 5% of applicants. That means our network is filled with marketing veterans who take their work as seriously as you do.

Working with freelancers from MarketerHire’s network means working with established professionals who actually know what they’re doing. Unlike other freelance platforms and run-of-the-mill sites, we remove the time investment of sourcing, vetting, and hiring top talent along with the risk of investing energy and money only to have a project go south. We do the dirty work for you, so you can kick-off your project quickly and efficiently.

Our strict vetting process includes in-depth reviews of applicants’ stated skill sets, video interviews, and test projects. Aside from this, each of our clients are paired with a dedicated account manager to support them throughout their project, ensuring a seamless process with satisfactory results. If you have a chief marketing officer job to fill, we will match you with a freelance candidate who has the experience and expertise to take on your CMO position and execute effectively.

MarketerHire makes it easy to hire a pro who can take on your company’s chief marketing officer responsibilities quickly

MarketerHire won’t just match you with a top notch CMO or director of marketing, we’ll do so quickly – within 48 hours to be exact. This saves you time, money, and energy by connecting with an expert you can trust who’s been handpicked for your specific project.

The best part? Clients of ours often save between three to five times as much money as they would if they hired a marketing agency. Why pay agency prices or risk scarce resources trying to source and hire someone to take on your chief marketing officer responsibilities when you can get reliable service with one of our freelance marketing veterans?

Don’t waste your time on unreliable sites or exhausting your network trying to find the right fit. If you need to execute quickly with reliable talent and flexible pricing, MarketerHire is for you. We are a full-service network that will connect you with the director of marketing or CMO you’re looking for. The marketing industry is complex and ever-changing and just anyone won’t do, especially when it’s your business on the line. Trust the professionals in MarketerHire’s network to accomplish your marketing goals with unmatched skill and expediency.

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