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Antoinette Coleman

Brand marketing is becoming increasingly important to cut through the noise in today’s crowded market. New companies are constantly popping up, offering similar and competitive products or services to customers. Both established brands and smaller businesses are feeling the pressure and the rising costs to compete and connect with buyers. In order to stay top of mind with customers, companies with a long-term view know investing in a strong brand marketing strategy is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s now non-negotiable.

The importance of brand marketing is often overlooked because it takes time to see results. Many businesses tend to focus on short-term gains rather than investing in long-term goals. In today’s market though, companies that care about the longevity of their business are investing in their brands – and they’re hiring brand marketers to lead the way. There are a lot of freelance brand marketers out there, but the cream of the crop know how to implement strategies and leverage storytelling through content and campaigns across owned, earned and paid media to build brand equity. Those are the kind of skilled brand marketers MarketerHire vets for, and why we accept less than 5% of applicants into our freelance network.

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David led worldwide strategy for the Oasis brand, resulting in 135% revenue growth and eventual acquisition.

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Brand Marketer
David Fudge

Brand marketing is critical for business longevity

Investing in brand marketing is essential to building brand equity. Brand equity is important because it enables businesses to build strong reputations, trust with their customers, and expand their market reach. It even helps companies charge more for their products and services because of the perceived higher value, which Apple is a prime example of. Small businesses often think branding is for “bigger” fish, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. For starters, a strong brand marketing strategy doesn’t have to entail millions of spend to generate results. More importantly, it’s small businesses and up-and-comers who need brand marketing the most to cut through the noise and connect with customers. Brand marketing helps prospects get to know businesses through multiple touchpoints to build trust, which is foundational to a strong brand. Even after prospects become customers, branding and marketing can help them become repeat or recurring customers through storytelling and how the brand’s products or services make customers feel.

Companies spend a lot of time and money acquiring leads and growing their top-of-funnel, through tried and true marketing strategies. What makes brand marketing so lucrative though is that, if done well, it can actually decrease those time and money costs significantly in the long run through word of mouth marketing, referrals, and brand loyalty. With the right strategies, brand marketing can give companies a real opportunity to set the tone for who they are, what they do, and how they want to make their customers feel. Companies that keep these things top of mind and continuously push the bar through brand and marketing are the ones that will remain relevant, memorable, and profitable.

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The skills every great brand marketer should have

A brand marketer is responsible for crafting and telling a brand’s story across all customer touchpoints. It starts with the development of a brand strategy that’s informed by market and customer research and usually includes elements of positioning, customer persona(s), brand values, and tone/brand voice. Here are the most important things every skilled brand marketer must to execute on:

  • Develop and implement a brand strategy: before executing any campaigns, a skilled brand marketer will take ample time to create a comprehensive brand strategy with clear goals to help the company in question achieve its desired results.
  • Create and manage marketing calendars: telling a brand’s story, sharing its message, and value proposition requires creating content and campaigns. A top-notch brand marketer will have experience planning and managing multiple marketing and content calendars to achieve this.
  • Analyze customer insights: figuring out who a brand’s customers really are and what resonates with them is critical for successful brand marketing campaigns. That’s why brand marketers need to be inherently curious and have the chops to analyze customer data and derive insights from it.
  • Develop content and campaigns: great brand marketers aren’t just strategic, they’re creative. They can take customer insights and create relevant, engaging content and messaging that deeply resonates with buyers through multiple channels and platforms so they can move them to purchase.
  • Understand email marketing and how to leverage social media channels: launching brand campaigns is an integrative endeavor that requires brand marketers to be well-versed in email and social to deliver the right campaigns to the right people at the right time, repeatedly. In part, they do this by segmenting customers in email and retargeting them on social, or know how to pull in folks to help execute this for them.
  • Know how to work with creatives to execute projects: whether it’s blog content, videos, emails, ad campaigns, or even a website relaunch, brand marketers are often the linchpins strategizing and executing campaigns that require many other heads and hands. Knowing how to work with content marketers, copywriters, designers, and even growth marketers is key since executing brand marketing campaigns is rarely a one-person show.

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When you should hire a brand marketer

If brand marketing is new to you and you’re looking for guidance on how to leverage it for your business, hiring a brand marketer would be the best next step. Brand marketers can help you create a brand book that will act as your company’s north star for future brand and marketing campaigns, ensuring everything you do is on-brand. Especially if you’ve never done any internal of external brand strategy exercises, this kind of investment will pay dividends for years to come. Have you done any customer insight studies or surveys? Are you centralizing and summarizing your customer feedback on a regular basis? How about tracking the performance of creative across your owned and paid channels? These are all things a brand marketer can help you build processes around to set you up for success.

Alternatively, if you have someone in house who’s been tinkering with brand marketing or you brought on an agency and want an audit of the strategies and results they’ve generated, hiring a brand marketer will help you objectively assess what’s working and what’s not. Brand marketing is ever-evolving, with new tactics, platforms, and strategies that are always surfacing to help businesses connect with customers and stand out. If you’re serious about building your brand and know it’s a long-term play that requires thoughtfulness, energy, and expertise, it’d be a wise investment to hire a brand marketer who has experience telling brand stories and building brand equity as a launchpad for your brand and marketing goals.

Brand Marketer
Jessica Tran
freelancer spotlight

Jessica strategized the launch of Adidas Originals’ first women’s product using culture and style influencers.

The best brand marketers are at your finger tips.

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Why hiring a freelance brand marketing expert is smarter

It’s no secret that making a full-time hire can be a time consuming and risky endeavor. Too often, companies make hires that end up being a bad fit, but only find out once it’s too late. This is especially costly for newer or smaller businesses, often setting them back on months of time and money, which they can’t afford. Some companies are aware of this and opt to hire an agency instead on retainer. The problem with agencies is that they come with an agency price tag. More importantly, what most businesses don’t realize is that agencies often hire their own freelancers to execute client work. Then, agencies simply mark up the freelancer’s rate, charge the client for it, and keep the profit for themselves.

When you hire a freelance brand marketer directly, you can get an expert who’s uniquely skilled in the exact areas you need. They can help you look at your business, marketing activities to date, and customers to figure out what a successful brand marketing strategy and campaign would look like, while giving you the high-touch support you need at a price you can afford. So much goes into making a campaign successful, with a lot of prep work before launch. Having an expert in your corner who’s easily accessible makes developing a holistic brand strategy and executing it more enjoyable and affordable. Plus, when you work with a freelance brand marketing expert on a flexible, hourly basis you can scale up or down the work as you please. That means if some months are more tight, you’re not beholden to a rigid contract.

Our Merciless Vetting Process

Hundreds of marketers apply to MarketerHire each month. We accept less than 5%.

How We Vet

Need a brand marketer? MarketerHire is the best place to hire freelance brand marketing experts

MarketerHire is the premier place to find and hire freelance brand marketing experts because we only accept the cream of the crop into our network. Our rigorous vetting process ensures we test every brand marketer’s experience, skills, and expertise against the latest brand and marketing strategies. This multi-step screening process results in MarketerHire accepting less than 5% of applicants, but ensures the freelancers we do match businesses with are well equipped to help them reach their brand and marketing goals.

Aside from working with verified experts with backgrounds from top companies, clients of ours typically save between three to five times as much money as they would if they hired a marketing agency. There’s no need to pay agency prices or spend hours sourcing and vetting talent when you can get higher quality service and personalized support with one of our pre-vetted freelance brand marketers.

MarketerHire makes it easy to hire a freelance brand marketer so you can execute your brand marketing strategy quickly

We remove the headache and stress of hiring for freelance projects with our pre-vetted, personalized matching. Marketerhire handpicks and connects you with a brand marketing expert for your specific project within 48 hours so you can accomplish your brand and marketing goals quickly. With MarketerHire, you’re guaranteed to be matched with an expert who can execute, while benefiting from flexible billing, transparent pricing, and a rematch if you’re unsatisfied. Plus, you get personalized support before and throughout the project to ensure your needs are met, without the agency price tag.

Don’t waste your time sourcing and vetting average performers on run-of-the-mill freelance sites. If you need to execute on your brand marketing strategy quickly with reliable talent and flexible pricing, MarketerHire is for you. We are a full-service network connecting you with the professionals you’re looking for.

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