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Brittany McCormick

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) provides tools and resources to help vendors stand out and drive traffic to their product pages on Amazon. As of September 2018, Amazon rebranded AMS to “Advertising Console”, but it’s still commonly referred to as Amazon Marketing Services. Either way, the rebrand highlights how Amazon is getting more serious about their advertising platform. In Q1 of 2018, they announced that their advertising wing had grown 132% year over year to reach $2 billion. All this to say, Amazon is quickly becoming an advertising channel brands can’t ignore. More and more people are beginning to search for products on Amazon before Google, and Amazon is enabling brands to capitalize on this with Amazon Marketing Services.

Interestingly, a study by Catalyst last summer found that only 15% of brands felt they were making the most of advertising on Amazon’s platform and 63% of brands who already used Amazon marketing services said they plan to increase their budget in the coming year. With companies knowing they need to leverage Amazon to grow their product-based businesses and with the competition heating up, finding an expert Amazon marketer has never been more critical.

As with any hot platform, there are plenty of marketers out there claiming to be top Amazon freelancers. In reality, most of them have probably dabbled in it once or twice. Additionally, this newer marketing channel means true expertise in it is scarce. All this makes finding and hiring expert Amazon listing freelancers pretty tough. Luckily, that’s where MarketerHire comes in. Our expert network only accepts top talent and rigorously vets every applicant through a series of interviews and test projects. That’s why we can ensure any expert in our network has the knowledge and experience necessary to deliver results.

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Lori will leverage algorithms and tools that target your ACOS goals while using the best strategies.

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Lori Fields

How Amazon marketing services helps vendors stand out

Amazon might not (yet) be on par with Facebook or Google when it comes to paid advertising, but it’s quick growth is happening for a reason. The magic in Amazon’s marketing services lies in the type of data it collects on its users. While Google knows what you’re searching for, and Facebook knows what you like and who your friends are, Amazon knows exactly what you’ve purchased, when you purchased it, and can reasonably predict what you intend to buy next. Essentially, Amazon knows what a customer owns and wants to own.

This kind of data is extremely valuable for vendors who are looking to place ads not only to the right customers, but at the right time. Amazon allows vendors to utilize three different types of pay-per-click ads that appear on the site as a Sponsored Brand ad, a Sponsored Product ad, or a Product Display ad. Depending on the campaign type, these ads appear on various pages on search result sites. They can appear on similar product pages that also belong to the vendor or can even appear on a direct competitor’s product pages.

Amazon lets vendors cast a wide advertising net as well by allowing them to place their ads on other Amazon-owned online properties like Kindle or smartphones. Their display ads use highly sophisticated retargeting techniques, allowing them to show up on external sites reminding users about those new speakers they were looking at but forgot to buy. Point blank: Amazon’s ads are focused and precise.

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The skills every great Amazon marketer should have

Top Amazon freelancers are a rare breed because they need to have a myriad of marketing skills to drive results on the platform. Here’s a list of the most critical skills every great Amazon marketer should have (all of which MarketerHire vets for):

  • Optimization skills: Before any marketing strategy is in place, true Amazon marketers should be able to optimize product pages for conversion with product titles, images, key features, descriptions, and reviews.
  • Paid advertising: Amazon uses a PPC model, so Amazon marketers need to know how to manage a budget and create compelling product display ads, sponsored product ads, and headline search ads, so users click through and buy.
  • SEO (for Amazon): Amazon isn’t just an ecommerce website, it’s a popular search engine with its own SEO, so Amazon listing freelancers need to be on top of algorithm changes and know how to optimize content for discoverability, relevance, and sales.
  • Promotion management: Using Amazon’s various promotional features effectively can lead to significant sales increases, so Amazon marketers need to identify and implement promotional opportunities using coupons, lightning deals, early reviewer programs, and run regular promotions for holidays, Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.

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When you should hire an Amazon marketer

If you’re just starting out on Amazon, you should hire an Amazon marketing services expert. Trying to wing this thing alone is a surefire way to fail with all the time, energy, operations, and strategy that goes into executing on the platform successfully. With this in mind, you typically have two choices: find a full-time hire or outsource the work to an agency.

Finding the right full-time hire is a lengthy, expensive, and often risky process. It could take months to find the right person, and even then, you never really know if you’ve made the right call until a few months in. If you’re not an Amazon marketing services expert yourself, how can you be sure you’re screening for the right things? All too often, months are invested into hiring someone only to discover a few months down the line that it’s not the right fit. At that point, you’ve spent a lot of time and money, yet you’re still nowhere near where you need to be to reach your marketing goals. That’s some serious opportunity cost.

Alternatively, you could outsource the work to an agency. Growing businesses tend to prefer this because of the flexibility it allows as opposed to the permanence of a full-time hire. The trouble is, while agencies may be more flexible, they’re exorbitantly expensive. Big firms are known for their overworked account managers and juggle a slew of clients, which often leads to lackluster marketing results and your needs slipping through the cracks. What’s even more shocking is agencies often hire freelancers themselves to meet client demands and simply markup the freelancer’s fees. Businesses then have to eat this cost with typically mediocre results to show for it.

That’s why MarketerHire believes in matching top Amazon listing service freelancers with businesses to achieve their marketing goals. With this model, businesses get the time and attention they deserve with a true expert who’s focused on their results with the flexibility they need (minus the hefty price tag).

Amazon Marketer
Kyle Goguen
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Kyle partnered with a clothing manufacturer to launch and scale their online sales from $0 to $85k/mo in under 10 months.

Hire the Amazon marketer of your dreams in less than 48 hours.

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Why hiring a freelance Amazon marketer is smarter

Bringing in a freelance Amazon marketer is the smartest way to accomplish your goals quickly and effectively. If you’ve been tinkering with Amazon marketing services in-house but want an expert Amazon listing service freelancer to partner with in helping you assess what you’re currently doing, offer alternative tactics or recommendations, or even build your Amazon marketing strategy from the ground up, a top Amazon freelancer can come in and work collaboratively with your team and set you up for success. Or, you can simply handoff the work to them entirely and have them manage it on an hourly basis as opposed to some over-the-top retainer you might get from an agency.

Alternatively, if you’ve been working with an agency and you’re not happy with the results you’re getting for the price you’re paying, hiring an expert Amazon listing freelancer to come in as a third party to evaluate the work that’s been done and help you move forward to achieve your goals on a more flexible basis would be the smarter, more cost-effective thing to do.

If you’re a growing business where revenue isn’t always predictable, being able to ramp up or scale back your costs when it comes to your Amazon marketing strategy is important. Moreover, knowing the work being done is being performed by an industry expert who actually has the bandwidth to give your business the time and attention it deserves is one less thing for you to worry about.

Our Merciless Vetting Process

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How We Vet

Looking for a top Amazon freelancer? MarketerHire is the best place to find an Amazon marketing services expert.

It’s no secret that freelance marketers are becoming the most effective way for growing businesses to meet their marketing goals. The hard part is finding experts who actually have the chops to execute – and that’s where MarketerHire comes in.

Out of the hundreds of freelancers that apply to our network, we accept less than 5% of applicants. As freelancing becomes ever more popular, more and more marketers are claiming to be “experts” in particular verticals to land more projects when in fact, they aren’t. Current run-of-the-mill freelance platforms are full of folks like this, offering cheap work and low-quality results.

The best freelancers know they’re amazing at what they do and you won’t find them looking for work on these low-grade sites – but you will find them on MarketerHire. As veteran marketers ourselves, we rigorously vet everyone who applies to our network and only admit the best and brightest. We attract top talent from leading companies and treat them as such by providing reliable payment, project scoping, and interesting work.

By weeding out the amateurs, we’ve built a reliable network of freelance marketers with expertise across every vertical. Whether you’re looking for an Amazon marketing services expert or any other kind of freelance marketer, MarketerHire is the place to find and hire them.

MarketerHire makes it easy to hire top Amazon freelancers

At MarketerHire, we won’t just match you with a top Amazon freelancer, but we’ll do it within 48 hours. We know time is money and that your goals can’t wait. We handpick each marketer for each project and place them based on their unique expertise and your marketing needs.

When you choose to hire an Amazon listing service freelancer from MarketerHire, you remove the time-intensive burden of having to source and vet talent yourself. More importantly, you save money. Our clients often save between three to five times as much money as they would if they hired a marketing agency to service their needs. Why pay agency prices or spend time trying to make a full-time hire when you can get reliable service with one of our freelance Amazon marketing services experts?

If you need to execute quickly with reliable talent and flexible pricing, MarketerHire is for you. We are a full-service network that will match you with the expert Amazon marketer you are looking for.

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