The Marketing Freelance Job Report

The marketing freelance job report

Companies are relying on freelance marketers now more than ever. Find out which marketers are most in demand for 2022.

The #1 talent platform

for digital marketing work

What hiring managers say

“I like the people I found and the rates are far better than agency fees.”


“Great quality people. Much easier and quicker to hire than if I would have posted positions myself.”


“The marketer was the best we've worked with. We brought him onboard full time within 3 months.”


What marketing freelancers say

“MarketerHire is a great platform to get high-quality clients that are great to work with!”


“MarketerHire has made it easy to get freelance opportunities! They take care of all the behind the scenes work so everything is easy.”


“MarketerHire handles all of the new client acquisition and assigns the best fit for the job. It's a great platform.”


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We’re part of the conversation.

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