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Our AI Operations Marketers can teach you how to use AI tools in your marketing or just do it for you.

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Why combine AI with Marketing?

Insane Productivity
AI tools allow marketers to be 10x more productive in any tactic.
Save Money
Save thousands of dollars per month while growing faster than ever.
The Future Is Here
There are already 100s of AI Marketing tools used by thousands of companies. Don’t be left behind.

Some AI tools MarketerHire trusts

Choose from our ready-to-go tactics

Our marketers have figured out AI-driven playbooks for numerous tactics, ready to be applied to your business.

Content Generation
Content and writers block will never be your bottleneck again. Turn on AI content generation to be unstoppable.
Brand Creation
Develop brand voice, key brand and product messaging, and market positioning.
Programmatic SEO
Leverage ChatGPT to develop highly optimized blogs for on-page SEO best practices.
Unlimited copy for paid social and search platforms.
Marketing Strategy
Marketing strategy outline for B2C and B2B business models.
Market Research
Identify trends and target audience behaviors through AI market research reports.

Simple pricing with unparalleled ROI

Flexible pricing that scales with your business.

First request is FREE
$349 per month
60-min per month of AI consulting
SEO keyword map tree
Three requests per week
$999 per month
Includes Basic plus 👇
Market & competitor research
Develop brand voice and key brand/product messages
Landing pages
SEO-optimized blog posts
Paid social and search ad copy
Webinar & VSL scripts
Marketing strategy outline
Graphic design assets for marketing
Video editing and creation for ads
One request at a time
Unlimited requests
Unlimited revisions
$4999 per month
Includes Pro plus👇
3 simultaneous requests
1:1 AI transformation consulting
Unlimited requests
Unlimited revisions
Need custom AI in your marketing workflows? Contact us and will set up a consultation with an AI expert.

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How Marketers are Leveraging AI

Bo-Peter Laanen
Growth Marketing Consultant
I've trained ChatGPT with shortcuts to create unique non-vanilla content in record time.
Jordan Crawford
Founder @ Blueprint
Generating mockups, copy variations, and HTML for CRO tests has become incredibly fast. We're able to ideate, mock up, and ship new tests in record time.
Kaarin Howard
Director of Marketing @ MarketerHire
Content production across the board has never been faster. From white papers to email copy to blogs, once I figured out my prompting strategy or prompt journey, I can have multiple emails and blogs out the door in one day.
Mathew Bojerski
Founder @ Lendahire
With the right prompting I turn blog posts into tweets using ChatGPT. You need to understand how to learn how to communicate with the AI to get there.
Chase Diamond
E-commerce Email Marketing Nerd @ Structured
I use AI for email ideation and concepting feedback. It’s almost like a second brain

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really an unlimited subscription?
Yes. You can send as many requests as you'd like. We work serially tackling each request at a time. If you're on the Genius subscription we will work with three requests at a time.
Are revisions also unlimited?
Yes, revisions are also unlimited. We won’t consider something done until you’re fully satisfied with the work and iterations.
How quickly do you deliver the work?
It depends on your subscription. For the Basic package, work is usually delivered in 2 business days. For the Pro package it's usually 3-5 business days. For the Genius package the delivery time varies but it's usually the fasters of all three given the nature of three requests at a time in that package.
Do you have your own LLMs or do you use existing ones?
We're currently only using LLMs from our preferred products. Those products includes popular ones like ChatGPT, Bard, Claude, etc. We also work with lesser known LLMs that give us priority and beta access.
Which tools will I use to communicate with the MH team and marketing experts working with me?
We will onboard you to our tools as soon as you purchase your subscription. Clients will have their own Airtable board to request and track the deliverables.
Who owns the IP and the work created by MarketerHire’ AI service?
You, as a client, own 100% of the work we create for you. We deliver all work to you in the preferred platform of your choice and under your accounts.