The Surprising Platform You’ll Want To Start Advertising On Right Now

If you want the quick saved-you-a-read answer: it’s Snapchat. If you want more info—and $1K in free ad...

By Raisin Bread Editors
5 DTC Trends Marketers See On The Horizon

If there’s one thing about DTC marketing that remains consistently true, it’s that you have to be agile...

By Raisin Bread Editors
Why Do You Need A Great Growth Marketer for DTC Brands?

Well, to start with, what exactly is this role—and why does it matter? A “growth marketer,” as we...

By Raisin Bread Editors
7 E-Comm Stats That Will Change the Way You Look At Your Business

The times, they are, indeed, a-changin’ — and in no industry is this more true than in e-commerce....

By Raisin Bread Editors

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When it comes to creating a great D2C brand, there are so many little moving parts to consider....

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3 E-Commerce Growth Hacks on Klaviyo (And not Mailchimp)

Email marketers, e-commerce retailers, and DNVB (digitally native vertical brands) alike have been asking the question far and...

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How to Advertise During Black Friday and Cyber Monday: an E-commerce Marketer’s Guide

If you didn’t have a fully planned out advertising campaign for the holidays already, now is the time...

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7 Hard Truths About SEO For eCommerce, According To The Experts

SEO strategy has come a long way since the Wild West days of the internet, when ranking on...

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