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The Surprising Platform You’ll Want To Start Advertising On Right Now

If you want the quick saved-you-a-read answer: it’s Snapchat. If you want more info—and $1K in free ad...

By Raisin Bread Editors
A Fully Remote Workforce Will Remain A Strength After The Pandemic—Here’s Why

With everyone hunkered down in self-quarantine, the value of remote professionals who know how to thrive in a...

By Raisin Bread Editors
Our Growth Marketers’ Best Advice To Keep Your Business Strong During The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

Right now, growth marketers are focused on how to navigate the COVID situation in an ethical way—one that...

By Raisin Bread Editors
The 6 Reasons Your Business Needs SEO—According To The Experts

The truth is, if you’re selling something—anything—and have an online presence, your business needs an SEO strategy. In...

By Raisin Bread Editors

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Why Do You Need A Great Growth Marketer for DTC Brands?

Well, to start with, what exactly is this role—and why does it matter? A “growth marketer,” as we...

By Raisin Bread Editors
The Facebook Ad Campaign E-Comm Brands Need

Ed note: This is a great strategy, but there’s never a one-size-fits-all solution—this is the opinion of one...

By Chad Keller
7 SEO Stats You Need to Know For Your Business in 2020

1. Google Really Is The Only Name In The Game In The U.S. Google leads the U.S. market...

By Raisin Bread Editors
Your Guide To Setting Expectations And Goals With Your Freelancer Marketer

Naturally, we think freelance marketers can be a phenomenal resource. But as with any employee—and especially a remote...

By Raisin Bread Editors

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