MarketerHire is a network of pre-vetted, freelance marketers. Our mission is to recruit and retain the best marketers and make it easier for companies to hire great marketing talent.

What can we do

Place a specific channel expert

Hire a pre-vetted expert to test, manage or scale a specific channel. We can help you find and hire for Paid Facebook, Adwords, SEO, Email, Social Media, Content Marketing, and many other channels.

Find a Head of Growth

If you need someone to help you with strategy, hire a growth marketer. They can review your business and create a multi-channel growth plan.

Build out an entire team

We can help you build out an entire multi-channel marketing team. With most channels taking as little as 5 hours a week to manage, you can build out an entire team for the cost of single full-time hire and for significantly less than traditional marketing agency.

Provide marketing support services

Marketing can’t happen without good support. We can help you find great copywriters, designers, analysts, or operations managers to help support your marketing projects.

Any Type or Project

One-off projects, part-time engagements, or full-time work, we can handle it. We'll work with you to scope the right amount of hours so you only pay for what you need.

Any Location

Our remote network of freelancers can support teams located anywhere. You’ll get matched to the best marketer to your project, not just the best marketer in your area.

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